Friday, January 4, 2013


i got up early this morning...around five.
after washing up
i decided to reorganise my linen drawer.
it is deep and wide.
in fact,
whole universes have probably dwelt there under the layers of tablecloths and doilies!
it was a huge mess.
there were not only tablecloths and assorted linens
but out of date bags of spices..coriander seeds anyone?
then right down the bottom
there was a big bag of macadamia nuts
another bag of their shells.
i think they may have been from christmas 2011!

so i've tweaked my cabinet vignette from yesterday
displayed the walnuts in a beautiful handmade wooden bowl
which mr w made himself
then decided to put mr owl on a pedestal of books...
all owls read books at night,
it makes them wise..hehe!
i've washed all of the linen today...just to freshen it up...
polished the coffee table
cleaned the louvre windows in the kitchen.
all in all a satisfying day of progress.
how are you doing today...
lazing on holidays or planning your new year?
both are good!
naturally Carol xox

p.s...blogger won't let me upload pics from my computer at the these are ones i was fiddling with for doing up my header that mr w. complained was too big for his i altered it...just in case you were wondering!


  1. Linen spaces seem to be hard to keep tidy! I LOVE macadamia nuts - they're almost creamy when fresh from the shell.

  2. The things you find in the linen draw...they look much nicer on to than in I am sure. xxx

  3. What a gorgeous fresh post but I have to admit to being a bit wide eyed with every new discovery in the draw you made. LOL i love the freshened vignette.

  4. Looks lovely. It's hot down here - so hot I cannot sleep. So I'm up stalking all my favourite blogs instead :)

  5. Always a nice feeling after you have a clean out of something. Your dresser display looks lovely.

  6. Gorgeous vignette and I love the owl. Are you into owls too?
    Anne xx

  7. Hello Carol and Happy New Year to you.

    Well done you! I got some serious housework to do, never enough time....

    Have a lovely week!

    Oh -and the ranucles are false, the tulips are real:0) Not many flowers one can buy at this time of the year, and there was a fire at the local garden centre, I nearly cried when I saw all the flowers they had to throw away- so sad:(

  8. Your reorganising looks lovely Carol, I especially love your wooden bowl how clever is Mr W. I know my hubby loves to work with wood one day I can see him making bowls:) I bet you feel nice and satisfied after all of that work you did, it always feel like a good day when you've done some tidying up. xx

  9. So many people seem to be having problems with Blogger just now ... they really need to sort their image storage issues out!

    Love your vignette ... or vinaigrette, as my mate calls them ;D

  10. Hehe, nuts wouldn't last that long around here, no2 son has just been in trouble for eating $12 worth of cashews by himself in 2 days! Really like the vignette, esp the owl sitting on the books.


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