Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Summer Days...

these summer days
are hot and breezy...
i had a gorgeous photo to upload here
of the hibiscus outside my bedroom window
but blogger will not give me the option
to upload photos from my computer anymore????

i can upload them from picasa,
from a phone,
from my blog
and from a website...but not my computer.

does anybody know what's going on...
or where i can complain to,
so they listen?

i would appreciate your wisdom.

is it happening to anyone else out there?

naturally Carol xox

p.s...this is so annoying and discouraging.


  1. Oh dear! I've been hearing a lot of photo issues lately....I hope you can get it fixed soon!
    Maybe in the meantime you could look at a flickr or instagram account?

    It's super hot here today!

  2. Hi Carol, how frustrating! Just had a quick look at blogger and it's OK for me - I can just click on the orange upload button and it opens my documents folder. Hope you get it sorted - I'd love to see your hibiscus.

  3. I had the same problem whilst using Internet Explorer so I downloaded Google Chrome and it works fine there. Bit of a pain, I just need to remember which browser to open. Hope that helps :)

  4. I had no trouble uploading photos from my PC this morning...but who knows with Blogger? I saw another blogger had trouble with photos today as well. (I do have Google Chrome because it was the only way to download something from Craftsy)

  5. Blogger is so very frustrating sometimes. I haven't had any issues today but Sarah's idea sounds like it could be a solution in the meantime. I hope it gets solved soon for you Carol. x

  6. I know how you feel Carol.Hope you get it fixed soon..xx

  7. Oh I only uplaod from Picassa so can't help...the flower sounds lovely though in my mind. xxxx

  8. Oh Poor you...this has happened to me too! I used Chrome and then I was able to load up the pictures again. Can you try using Chrome?? Hope you get it sorted.
    Helen x

  9. I was doing a google search for a blogger problem I'm having at the moment where I can't manage my followers in my dashboard, it's been a problem for months now. Anyway I found that your problem is something others are having too. It was suggested to use Chrome like it's been suggested or when you are doing a post click on the edit HTML, you can add photos there as well. I hope that works. x


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