Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Click Clack!

good afternoon!
how are you?
it is a peaceful
blue-skied afternoon here in queensland.
swimming is cancelled due to school carnivals
being held today and through to evening...
making hay while the sunshines, most probably.
the days here have been slightly cooler
and i've taken up my knitting sticks...
you never thought i had any...admit it!
it is a simple scarf,
made from odd balls of wool
with different textures and degrees of cosiness.
i was finishing a scarf for my daughter
who upon the eve of her departure to canada,
said, "mum, you can finish off this scarf for me if you want to".
it wasn't this one,
but another that looks like a watermelon..true!
i'll show you when i've finished trimming it.
i only finished knitting the last 7 inches
and it was completed,
but my knitting desire was not fulfilled.
gathering up all my woolly supplies
i decided then
to make myself a scarf to ward off
the chilly winds of winter...
even though it's still summer here.
i will be prepared!
there was a birthday celebration over the weekend...

this chocolatey sponge
was filled with cherries and ganache
danced upon by retro ballet dancers.
totally yummy
thanks mr t...
despite it's blocky chocky appearance!
have a happy week...
naturally Carol xox



  1. The scarf looks great carol; it will be lovely and warm! Cute cake...love those dancers and the candles :-)

  2. Hello Carol:
    We are so filled with envy at your very attractive scarf. Sadly this post highlights our inability to knit!!

    Your cake sounds delicious.

  3. Love the scarf Carol! The colours will suit you. Hmmm...and the chocolate cake...yum! I wish we lived closer! Ha...not just for the chocolate cake...but so that we could sit and chat and knit together. It would be lovely! love Jillxx

  4. Yes, I admit it - I didn't think you had any knitting stick! ;-)
    Your scarf looks great and I'm really interested to see the watermelon one!

    We've been enjoying a chocolate cake here too....although it was not for any reason, just because we felt like it.
    Have a great week!
    Sarah x

  5. Ooh, you had me at chocolate ganache! That cake looks so yum :-) And I love the blues of your scarf too, so pretty. Happy knitting & enjoy the sunshine.

  6. Hi Carol, lovely blue shades your scarf it's just gorgeous! The chocolate cake seems to be delicious and the decoration is original and fun. Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your summer, here in Lisbon it's cold and raining.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  7. Sometimes you don't need a fancy pattern to make a gorgeous scarf! This one looks great , probably because of the different types of yarn you are using.
    I never knew Carnival was celebrated in Australia. Where I come from it is celebrated in a huge way, and I really miss it.

  8. Carol, I really love the effect of the garter stitch and stockinette stitch on your scarf - so simple but so striking. It's really gorgeous and a perfect way to use all those odds and ends without having to resort to granny squares :-) Mel x

  9. These are really lovely colours Carol, I like the soft blues you chose. The weather has been lovely hasn't it, a much nicer temperature here too. I love the sound of that cake too, looks delicious. xx

  10. What a lovely scarf ... do you ever need woolly scarves in Queensland?! Or is this one going to wing its way to Canada where I hear they've had a lot of snow just recently? I love knitting - so relaxing.

  11. Oh Carol, was it your birthday? Happy Birthday if it was, looks like a delicious cake... so tall! And your scarf is gorgeous, I love the colour combo and the stitches look so lovely and neat. You're a clever lady of many talents, Carol xo

  12. Love the sea and sky colours in the scarf. Hope all is well with you, I was glad to read you survived the storms relatively unscathed.

  13. Beautiful scarf! I love the pretty colors!! The cake looks quite tasty!! Sending Birthday wishes!! xo Heather

  14. Is that a happy birthday to you???

    It is hard to imagine it being knitting weather when we are roasting over here.....I love the colours though and will be snug in winter.

  15. Carol...I've been a follower of yours for a very long time now and see by your profile that I must have failed to invite you to follow me in return. If this be the case...I truly appoligize.

  16. Oooooo - that cake looks so tasty. Is it your birthday dear Carol? If so, I hope it was a wonderful day.


  17. I never imagine Queensland winters will be cold enough for you to need a scarf! Your lovely blue stripy affair looks as if it will be very cosy :D

  18. They both look good to me! Although if I had to choose, I would pick the chocolate :) thanks for dropping by and always leaving such nice comments, hope you have a beautiful day!


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