Friday, March 1, 2013

Froggy Green!

hi there!
the big wet... not over yet!
this little guy
came to say hello the other day.
mr t snapped him
as he climbed up the drain pipe outside.
i can hardly blame him for wanting to get out of the rain
for just a little while at least!
his mates are singing nightly in the gully,
making babies by the thousand, i suspect.
tiny froggies hiphop across carparks and gardens
smaller than crickets, they are.
the rain finally ceased today for a spell,
but there's more due tonight
we're in for another wet weekend.
every day for the last two weeks has been a day out somewhere...
i'm looking forward to some cosy days in.
summer is officially over...
welcome to autumn
with her crispy mornings and pretty leaves.
enjoy your weekend...
naturally Carol xox


  1. I love frogs. We have three large ones that come to feast on our verandah every night :-)
    It's about to start raining here any second now...we need it!

    Hope it doesn't stay too wet for you though!
    Sarah xx

  2. I love frogs and used to love collecting tadpoles as a kid and watching them turn into frogs. Haven't seen ay for years x

  3. He's so adorable! And looks like he's having a lovely little relax there. Please send all that rain down here - we are in very short supply. Have a great weekend! Mel x

  4. What a pretty frog. We just don't see them in our garden at all, no doubt too dry. So there's a nice benefit of all that rain,m you get to see cute frogs!

  5. Great photos there, Carol! If the frogs are climbing up the drainpipe...are they trying to tell us something??? We've got lots of ants in the house and those wretched mozzies :-(

  6. Glad to see someone around your place is enjoying the weather.....have a relaxing fun filled weekend. xx

  7. Great pics!! I'm looking forward to some indoors time too! Still a hit weekend here though xx

  8. Love this Carol! We have frogs at our house too, but they're little brown ones and they're LOUD! Your blog is looking lovely!

  9. Gorgeous, something about those little green frogs isn't there? I was watching one on my windowsill lastnight, think he'd almost had enough of the rain, himself! Yes, bring on the cooler, cosier weather, ready for a change here too!

  10. What a cute little frog. Great photo! Hope the weather turns a bit drier for you'll be getting a bit sick of it. Let's talk soon...Love Jillxx

  11. What an adorable little frog! Hope things dry out soon, Carol. Wishing for spring here in the States :)

  12. Hi Carol, I've just found your blog and am now following you. Your blog is beautiful and so unique. I absolutely love this little frog and I can't wait to show him to my children tomorrow. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog. :)


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