Saturday, March 23, 2013

Saturday's Stitches...

good afternoon...
i've had a quiet knitting day today.
i did intend to go to the shops
but then mr t ordered in a duck, blue cheese and bbq sauce pizza
for lunch...
so i didn't have to.
i finished off two little projects today...
as you probably know,
old queenslanders don't have a lot of built in storage
these boxes hold all kinds of odds and ends
and are stacked up against the wall in the sleepout.
miss flamingo
needs wire legs...
the others in her flock are out frolicking in the front garden
fading  'n' paler by the season
but she is pinkly preserved
made a great model for my skinny pink scarf.
this scarf was made for a friend's birthday...
next monday. 
i didn't expect to get this little hat finished
but it's a quick and easy knit...
i'll take a 'completed' pic for you to see next time!
a happy and relaxing weekend to all!
naturally Carol xox


  1. The scarf is a lovely present and your flamingo wears it well!!

    I'm not so sure about the duck, blue cheese and bbq sauce combo though!!

  2. You have been busy! I like the idea of the very pink flamingo getting his legs and joining his pale friends in the garden one day! X

  3. I can see the knitting bug has got you! Wonderful work. I'm sure Mum will love the scarf you showed on your blog yesterday. Just the right colour for her. love jillxx

  4. A quiet day knitting sounds like a lovely day to me and not having to go to the shops because of pizza for lunch just sounds perfect:) The scarf is so pretty Carol, my oldest loves these types of scarves and how they twirl. I hope that you enjoy your Sunday:) x

  5. That is a funny photo...who would have thought she would make a great neck model. xxx

  6. I love the pink scarf! Yes, the pink Flmingo is the perfect model. Your friend should be very pleased with
    this wonderful gift. I love to recieve homemade things as gifts. I am just laying around this weekend. Enjoy yours! Blessings!

  7. Great! I like the color very match.

  8. I do love that colour! Happy Sunday! x

  9. I love your flamingo! And your scarf is such a gorgeous colour!


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