Thursday, March 21, 2013

While They Were Sleeping...

another very early 'good morning' to you!
this time mr m needed a lift to work
so i'm up early again.
the photos i showed you yesterday
were from the coast of taiwan
that we visited just over a year ago.
miss b will be there soon
and it brought back memories of our visit.
here are a couple more...
they are from the north western coastline,
the rock formations were unlike any i've seen
with their rounded tops.
the day we visited was wet and windy,
just like it has been here the last couple of days.
i love that kind of weather though,
it is invigorating to be out in,
dramatic and wild...
cool but not cold.
was just across the sea...not far at all.
it seems amazing to me
that a little baby will be born in taiwan
who will be a part of our family.
genetically coded to be one of us...
and yet belong to a country we hadn't known until recently.
the things life brings are incredible really,
things we never think of until they're reality.
the things you think of
early in the morning!
have a wonderful day...
naturally Carol xox


  1. Wow--those rock formations are pretty crazy!

    Hope you have a wonderful day starting it out so bright and early. ;-)

  2. The ocean is beautiful everywhere it seems x

  3. Those rock formations are so unusual, how smooth they are! Your shots of the ocean are wonderful, it is as though you are breathing the sea air in. Thanks for sharing. Chel

  4. These rocks are so interesting. You must be very well-traveled; I'm fascinated by your stories.

  5. Congratulations, you are going to be a Grandma/Nanny/Nan. How exciting! (I am a bit behind on my blog reading) Life is incredible.

  6. Doesn't nature make you feel truly alive, and all it's patterns and intricacies inspirational. Yes, life is so unpredictable.. Exciting times for you Carol :-)

  7. This was a lovely post Carol! And lovely pictures too :-) Hope your day went well! x


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