Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rain Fruit!

hi there!
this year has been mostly very wet
and there are good things happening in the garden.
one of those good things
is that our washington navel orange tree
has tripled in size.
last year it gave us one beautifully juicy orange...
this year
{all being well!}
there will be three....



even though they're green still
they're a decent size already.
the coffee bush
has grown too...

there are some other bunches of beans
but the camera missed them...
or maybe it was me!
mr w is looking forward
to making  his own coffee with these.
i've finished my friend's beanie
but i can't find my big needle to sew it up...
oh dear!
i'll have to go and look again!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Three! that's exciting!
    Can't wait to hear how the coffee turns out x

  2. Wow - a coffee bush is not something you hear about everyday as a backyard bush very much. Look forward to hearing more about it. Have a lovely Easter Carol. Mel x

  3. coffee! what fun!

  4. Yay, oranges! I would love to able to grow citrus fruit where I live. How fun.

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  6. What lovely healthy oranges, Carol! The rain has been good for our gardens here too. Apparently storms are predicted this evening...hopefully not wild ones damaging people's homes etc.

  7. I hope they taste good when you finally get to eat them :-) How interesting having your own coffee bush! It'll be great when you can grind your own :-)

    Happy Easter & I hope you found that needle!

  8. You grow your own coffee beans!? That's so awesome and fun. Can't wait to hear how the coffee tastes.


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