Friday, March 29, 2013

Good Friday...

good afternoon...
one a penny
two a penny
hot cross buns!
home made hot cross buns!!
mr w had the brilliant idea
of making his own hot cross buns for good friday.
we shopped for ingredients
this morning
as soon as the kitchen benches were clean
he amassed the ingredients
began his labour of love.
at 2pm we ate.
they may not look like bought ones
but sweet and spicey they were,
smelling slightly yeasty
and mmmmmm..mmm!  delicious...
spread with butter...meltingly...
the other dozen and a half were eaten
by the time i thought about taking a photo..hehe!
but that's not all...
these are a healthier accompaniment
or alternative...
made with wholemeal spelt flour
they have a nuttier flavour.
dark chocolate pieces and craisins were studded through
they were meant to have chocolate crosses
but we ate them while they were hot and crossless..hehe!
an easy morning
a bit of a read through some canadian magazines miss b sent over for me...
a friend dropped in to share a cold drink..
still hot and humid...
the guys picked up a queen size mattress for mr m to sleep on
as he's been camping on the couch for a couple of months now...
washing hung out...
a shower of rain...
late lunch...
i think a bit of knitting is on the cards,
i've promised a policewoman friend a beanie like the other
but just a bit purpler and a bit longer,
for those cold winter night shifts.
have a good friday...really good!
naturally Carol xox


  1. They looks quite tasty and spread with butter, oh my, I am sure the best!! Happy Easter Carol!

  2. Ooh, yummy - those all look delicious, even the healthy ones too! Wishing you a very Good Friday and a blessed & happy Easter :-)

  3. Both lots of hot cross buns look wonderful Carol. DH and I bought 2 from a bakery yesterday and had one each this morning as a rare treat. Have a wonderful Easter!

  4. They look delicious ... I haven't made any in years (I did make the attempt in the first few years of being gluten-free but the results just weren't right!). Hot cross buns don't exist here in Germany, so I had forgotten all about them until I saw your photos!

    It's a quiet day here - nothing is open and they're very strict about noise on Sundays and bank holidays, so you can't work in your house or garden. Mind you, it's far too cold for gardening - we're still waiting for spring to put in an appearance.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter weekend, Carol.

  5. Beaut looking buns! I thought about making some but clearly wasn't as organised as you. I bet they smelled divine. A happy Easter to you :)

  6. They look great! Homemade raisin bread is a regular occurrence in our house - too good to save just for Easter! :-)

    Happy Easter to you and yours!
    Sarah xx

  7. Yummo...we just had shop bought ones but yours do look good. Glad you are having a great start to Easter. xxx

  8. They look delicious! I've never tried one but I would really like to.

  9. hi carol, wow, i am hungry now!!! i love the look of the choc/craisins!!! never had one of those before but sound delicious! hope you have a wonderful easter and long weekend!!!
    love to you,
    laura xx


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