Sunday, August 29, 2010 goes...I'm jumping in....apron tales and all...

this is my very first post
i have a lot to learn
i want to tell you a little about me
my life and the stuff that i make

i have recently discovered blogs
afghans, crocheting, rugs and cushions
then i thought
i can sew as well

my sewing maching was living away from home
it was virtually adopted by my daughter
i sent out an sos and it found its way home

equipped with a few lengths of fabric
i thought i'd make an apron
well my machine and i have got to know each other better
though i cannot say i am a master

i have now made not only one apron but many
in fact i don't know when i will cease to make them
i started with a sunny yellow one
enjoying that i have made one yellow and blue
(reminding me of an aussie summer day)

then i made one out of an old touristy tea towel
with a map of england on it 
lined with red polka dots and bordered with lady beetles.

Another one appeared
more red polka dots, green squares and ripe cherries
and finally pale pink polka dots,
eiffel towers and matching ric rac braid.

one more for the road...i'll just squeeze in a pic of the cherries

it's a bit hard to see but it says
'recipe for friendship' a moda fabric

well that's all for now...
i'll see you tomorrow.

with love Naturally Carol xox

ps...linking up with 'life in a pink fibro house' rewind..8th jan..2011...this is my most memorable in 2010 'cos i t  was the first...i never knew what was to come!!! and how i would love it ...i was so scared!!


  1. I'm linking up my very first ever post too...2010 was certainly a good year for jumping in with both feet, wasn't it??
    What did you do with all those pinies btw?? They are great :-)

  2. I LOVE your aprons! I haven't seen them before. How did I miss them? Glad you decided to pick up both the sewing machine and the computer. :-) Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro!


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