Saturday, February 18, 2012

Not Quite Back....

hi there!

i'm not quite back...

tonight i'm typing away on my husband's laptop
as he's back for the weekend,
i miss all of you dreadfully...
thanks for your messages!

the good news is that i think i should be up and running again in the next couple of weeks,
but the bad news is that it's not quite now : (

as you've probably guessed
my computer totally gave up the ghost
failing even to boot up in the end.


so i'm just popping in here while i can
to say...
i had the most fabulous time ever in taiwan
got incredibly spoiled
loved it
the wedding was great
i have heaps of pics to edit and show you all...

so hang on,

i'm nearly there...

thanks incredibly

for not giving up on me!

(and if you had...i really can't blame you)

see you in a while....

naturally Carol xox


  1. Yay Carol! I'm so pleased for all the wonderful positives that you've shared in this post and can't wait for you to be 'fully' back.

    Big hug lovely you!

  2. We'll be here when you're ready, Carol. I am dying to see the wedding pics!!! I'm glad all is well for you. Darn technology (sometimes!). x

  3. Yay you had so much fun! See you when you are back, of course we will wait! Cat xox

  4. You were terribly missed! Good to hear from you xx

  5. So lovely to hear from you Carol. So glad all went well.
    Waiting and watching

  6. Oh Carol I've missed your cheerful posts! Glad to hear everything (well, everything but the computer...) is just fine ;)

  7. I've been thinking of you and wondering how the wedding went! Can't wait to see some pictures. ;-) Blessings!

  8. Yah can't wait to see wedding pictures. Welcome back.xx

  9. So glad to see you back Carol! Looking forward to the wedding pics for sure, cant wait to see them!
    laura xxx

  10. Hi Carol, I haven't been on the blog as much these past few weeks myself, just too busy with tax season, etc. But I'm trying to get back to posting regularly again. And I have a giveaway going on, so I hope you'll stop by.

  11. Take Care Carol looking forward to seeing your trip ...

  12. Great to hear all is good with you, apart from the computer, looking forward to those pics! God bless! X

  13. Great to hear you are nearly back Carol. xx

  14. Nearly back is good, hope all the way back will follow soon x

  15. Hi Carol! So great to hear from you! Hope to 'see' you soon again! Have a wonderful time! x Teje

  16. Oh THERE you are! I've been a wondering! :)

  17. Good to hear you are okay and that you had a wonderful time in Taiwan.

  18. I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful time at the wedding, Carol. I've missed you!

  19. Hopefully those computer problems are just about solved now Carol. Lovely to hear that you had a great time in Taiwan and I look forward to seeing your photos :-)

  20. Carol, just enjoy your times, you can always blog about it later! We'll wait for you! ;o)


  21. Hi Carol, Yes I know I have missed your sweet blog! Pleased to hear all is well and you are going to spoil us with some fab photos!
    Just miss visiting your lovely special spot in Australia.
    Look forward to your return.
    PS I have been very slack on my blog lately. Waiting for inspiration!
    xo Sue

  22. Hope all is well and the computer problems don't go on much longer. Looking forward to seeing some pics! X


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