Sunday, August 5, 2012

Patches and a Kookaburra...

it's a beautifully lazy sunday afternoon here
...the morning was filled with going to church
then a happy sunday lunch with other churchgoers
in our cafe next door..'chatz'.

mr b..the chef..made the best curry...a mild beef for lovers of not-so-spicey curries
and a heartier hotter chicken curry teamed with warm crisp pappadums and turmeric rice..yum!
sticky date pud with icecream and cream was for dessert..and for only a dollar...mmm.

i made this little table runner last thursday...

'cos i just felt an injection of spring was needed in my dining room.
it was exceptionally easy as it is backed, not padded or bound on the edges,
just cut with pinking shears...simple.

i was thinking of getting some grey bias binding at a later date
if it looks like fraying at all.

just as i had taken these photos,
this kookaburra flew into our newly washed front window...

when i went out to see if he was ok
he was sitting on this jacaranda branch...
a little stunned and sorry for himself,
taking a minute to collect his thoughts i suppose
and i really can't blame him!

i think he'll be alright.

i hope you're having a heavenly sunday too...

naturally Carol xox


  1. A kookaburra in a jacaranda tree is surely one of the loveliest Aussie sights there is! x

  2. Yay nice to see you back and I love the squares too. xx

  3. What a pretty creation you've whipped up there, Carol - bravo! And I'm relieved the little fellow survived unscathed. J x

  4. I think you do have some sprng there Carol, love your quick runner.

  5. I am so glad mr. Kookaburra was okay. Lovely table runner, perfect way to showcase fabric. Enjoy spring, it is intensely hot in these parts.

  6. Oh poor Mr Kookaburra, that must have given you a fright too Carol... the birds quite often fly into the windows at my parent's place, always with a great thud!
    Love your table runner, that is beautiful, you clever thing.
    Sounds like a wonderful Sunday... and the lunch sounded mouth-watering! xo

  7. So pretty! Just the thing to brighten a winters day.

  8. Hi Carol, thank you for popping over to my blog. I love the patchwork, so fresh!

  9. Look at that runner. Spring indeed. Peaches, pineapple colours. All the coming summer tastes. Bring it, I say.


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