Monday, August 27, 2012


hi there...
it's a windy monday morning here,
just fine for blowing away the cobwebs
and blowing in {to my house} all those tiny pesky jacaranda leaves.
you would be surprised to learn
that these are the remains of last seasons leaves on the jacaranda trees
out the front.
there are rusty coloured leaves all over the paths beneath
and the pesky little things
fly in the windows and are carried inside on the soles of our shoes.
it looks more like autumn than the beginning of spring.
it's hard to believe that in just a few weeks
these trees will be covered in purple blossoms...
oozing with stickiness falling on my car
and covering the ground like a royal carpet.
these sweet delights never cease to surprise me...
i have recorded these naturalised freesias flowering
for three seasons now
and this year there are even patches of them several meters away from the 'mother bunch'...
how did they get there?
it's a mystery to me..i didn't plant more bulbs!
but they reminded me that it was just about this time of year
that i first started 'naturally Carol'...two years ago.
this took me to my list of followers
and led me on to some long overdue  housekeeping pruning.
i realised that some of the blogs i've followed
were extinct.
people move on.
things happen beyond their control.
other ventures are started.
babies are born who need time and care and a blog is neglected, forgotten even.
so i took some time to say goodbye
to those that hadn't been updated for more than about eight months or longer...
showing no signs of life,
either slumbering or departed.
it was quite a mammoth effort,
culling out about twenty percent..can you believe it..of dead wood.
but now i feel like a house swept clean,
although there are a couple of treasures i just had to keep
and not give up on...
just in case
one day my blogging friends may decide to return
and keep me company here once more.
have you got long since departed sites
just hanging around,
or friends who have left that you just hang on to..
or do you just leave everything there
not touching a thing?
how many people can you follow anyway?
...crepe myrtle branches.
i think 'crepe myrtle' would have to be one of my favourite plant names...
just as well i never had more than one daughter
i may have called her 'crepe myrtle'...hehe.
miss b..that was a close escape!
i finished my sewing my market bag late on saturday afternoon.
i'll show it to you later this week.
take care...
with your prunings & plantings
naturally Carol xox


  1. Thanks for the prompt...i just had a look at my following list and did a little clean up too......have a super week ahead. xx

  2. Thanks so funny Carol - I did something very similar myself today. Little bit of cleaning up in my plot of cyber space. Feel good no?

  3. Congratulations on two years of blogging Carol! Those freesias are gorgeous - I love seeing the first spring flowers coming through.

  4. My freesia's are flowering too, tough little plants they are, they have to be to survive in my garden anyway :) Maybe the birds carried seeds away for them to sprout up somewhere else in your garden.

    I need to go through my list of followers and blog lists to see if they are still active. I do this from time to time on my side bar. I prune a few and plant a few new ones :)

    Sometimes my blog sits for a while waiting for me to do a post. I usually have plenty of photos to share but never get to do a post. I think I shall do a random one shortly with some of the photos I have taken :)

    Take care Carol,


  5. MYyfreesias should be popping their heads through very soon.We all seem to be having the same urge for Spring to arrive..xx

  6. I ripped out some kind of weeping weed that was gigantic on the weekend. It has changed the entire backyard and there were some plants that you could hear breathing sighs of relief as the sunshine finally hit them.


  7. Oh wow, those freesias!

    I am afraid if there's no action in 4 months I strip folk off the blog list (pess patient than you), unless they have said they will be gone for a while. Life is short and following dead links is a waste of it. But I know what you mean about hanging on hopefully to some friends you'd rather not say goodbye to.

    Windy here too today, and it really is like autumn, which is just around the corner for us.

  8. I'm just starting again, don't have to clean up yet!
    Adore the scent of freesias, especially the wild ones.
    Penny x

  9. Oh yes we have a jacaranda tree that has left quite a mess behind and our dog Molly likes to bring up into the house with her each day, I look forward to the beautiful flowers though. I do a little clean up every now and then, it always feels good:)

  10. Hmmmm, I wrote a nice long comment & my iPhone seems to have eaten it, not good. I love crepe myrtle as a name too Carol. And I think that was really sweet of you to leave a comment on the deserted blogs. I often wonder what happened when bloggers stop posting too. Life can get very hectic these days I guess xo

  11. Those freesias - I bet they smell wonderful. The store bought ones have no smell and it's just not the same. My grandmother used to grow freesias by the acre (or so it seemed) and always picked me the hugest bunch for my birthday - and so, they've always been one of my favourite flowers.
    And yes...I have some blogs that I can't quite clean up on because I'm always hoping they might return. x


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