Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Apron 'n Paris!

oh, i know i'm a bit silly
but when i was taking pics of the apron i made yesterday
i was thinking of the movie
'april in paris'
and just had to tweak it a bit for my title...hehe!

i made this for a friends birthday...which is today.

i finished it just as the sun was setting
of course the light was diminishing fast in my dining room.

'friends' tag..came from a packet of scrapbooking tags
that were on special a couple of months ago at big w...
they are printed on canvas but i don't know how washable they are.
nevermind, if they disintegrate, the rest of the stitching can just be pulled out.

i always like to make the ties
just a bit longer than the pattern specifies...
plenty of length to make a lovely big bow at the back
or to bring around the front and tie up.

i've folded the apron up,
gift wrapped it,
tied the package with a bow,
personalised the card...

now i'm off to party!

enjoy your friends today...

naturally Carol xox


  1. A beautiful gift. I still have the apron I won off you ...packed somewhere :(

  2. Hi Carol! You are so good with aprons! This is beautiful and what a lovely fabric! Have fun in the party! x Teje

  3. It is gorgeous Carol. Lovely fabric. xx

  4. Carol the apron is really pretty. I love the colours of the fabrics you've chosen, the blues with the natural. Your friend is just going to love it. x

  5. That is absolutely beautiful Carol, so special, from the apron to the wrapping and card. You're a lovely friend and I'm sure your friend was tickled pink with her thoughtful gift xo

  6. Very nice! Love the grey trim and what a special gift.

  7. Your friend is so lucky to have you as a friend. This is a wonderful gift and it came with so much love and thoughtfulness.

  8. What a lovely apron...I am sure it was dearly loved when you gave it....cute tag too.


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