Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chrysanthemum Tea...

good morning friends!
have you ever sipped chrysanthemum tea?
i hadn't before today.
according to one source it is good for
cooling internal heat...{inflammation?}
aiding the ability to digest oily food...
my son's new mother in law gave me a tin of chrysanthemum tea...
another gift from taiwan
{i know..i am so blessed with gifts!!!...and grateful!!!}
i have christened my new teacup...
there is an art to making green tea.
thankfully when my new extended family visited recently
i had the sense to ask mrs t how to make it properly.
i was going to just make it like black tea
and found out that would have been an embarrassing mistake!
i'll post 'green tea making 101' tomorrow'....would you like that?
living in an old house,
sometimes something really weird happens,
like a window just fell out of mr p's bedroom
and just missed the concrete!
what the?
fortunately it landed on some longish grass
around the side of the house where i used to have a vege garden,
before the neighbours put up shade cloth along the fence
which shut out the morning sun..then the dogs got into the area...
now it just needs a good whipper snip.
i've been sipping away here...
and just before i go i thought i'd let you know
just how chrysanthemum tea tastes..this one anyhow...
mmm! it has a mild full bodied green tea flavour
that hits the soft palate at the back of the mouth
and the aroma fills your senses luxuriously
almost herbal and almost floral.
just as well i have a tin full to enjoy!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Hopefully you can re-use the window as it doesn't look broken? Just as well the dogs weren't down there at the time! I havn't tried Chrysanthemum tea. At the moment I'm loving rooibus (i think that's how you spell it?) :)

  2. i think i should try that tea carol! sounds great - cant believe that the glass fell out and didnt break! how bizzare!!
    laura xx

  3. I love the exotic beauty of those flower teas that uncurl when you add the water. I haven't tried that type. Would love to hear your hints as I'm not very clued up on making tea.


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