Saturday, August 25, 2012

Green Tea 101...

good morning!
after a week of glorious weather
it's gone all foggy, damp and cool on us...
just perfect for a hot cup of green tea.
green tea making 101.
green tea...not tea bags, the dried curled up leaf kind
boiling water
in a clean teapot
add about a good teaspoon of green tea leaves for each person.

cover the tea with water just gone off the boil.
just let the tea start to unfurl for about 30 seconds
then pour off the water.

this seems to get rid of any bitterness
and also any particles of unwanted matter.
fill up the teapot again with water that has just been boiled.
wait 1 minute.
pour into teacups.

to make a second cup of tea
fill the teapot again with hot boiled water....
wait 2 minutes
pour into teacups.
to make a third cup of tea
{from the same tea leaves!}
fill the teapot again with hot boiled water
wait 3 minutes
pour into teacups.
after this you can't get another cup of tea out of these tea leaves.
if you dry them
you can tie them up in little bags and put them around your house
as they will have a pleasant aroma...
this is a chinese custom.

did you know that all black tea goes through a fermentation process?
i didn't before going to a tea museum.
it's goodbye to tea cosies when making green tea,
the process is so quick...
happy tea-making!
naturally Carol xox


  1. Thankyou carol!!! would have gotten it wrong!! might go and picksome up from T2 today!!! have a great weekend!
    laura xxx

  2. Thank you! After you mentioned it earlier in the week I kept hoping you would put this up!

  3. I'm suddenly into green tea with mint. It's the bees knees and it's helping me kick the awful diet coke habit I've had for twenty years. x

  4. I love your yellow cups! Isn't it lovely that a bit of yellow has come back to the decor scene once more. It's such optimistic colour!


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