Friday, August 10, 2012

Shop Open Again!

hi..ain't this cute?

i found it in a department store in taipei
and just had to bring it home.
it's tag says 'attitude..not just for fun'.

the bird sitting in the bush is a magnet
the leaves on the tree and the bush
are three small notepads.
i love is a very cool souvenier of my trip there in january
(as well as being irresistably and very neatly wrapped up in brown paper inside a little box...hehe)

my madeit shop is open again finally...

i really love my new london tube cushions
but didn't really have anyone in mind to give them to
nowhere particular in my home to put them
where they will look their best,
after all there are only so many cushions a girl can have,
no matter how much she loves them!

so i am selling them as a set in my little shop.

sometimes i just have to make something
just because i want to...

i hope tomorrow is just as windy as today
'cos i was thinking it will be a wonderful day to get my washing dry quickly.
hopefully there'll be something a bit more interesting
happening here on the weekend as well...
and at your place too..hehe!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Sis! love all the sewing you've been doing lately. The colours are all so pretty, light and bright...perfect for brightening winter days. Love Jillxx

  2. So pretty!
    as for your cushions, I agree you can only have so's a girl thing! I hope you sell them and then you can buy more fabric and make some more!

  3. Morning Carol.

    So lovely to see you back blogging again :]



  4. thats sso cute carol!! great that yr shop is open again and ur keeping busy!!!
    laura xx


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