Thursday, August 9, 2012

London Tube Cushion...

good afternoon!

i have been absolutely loving these calm blue days of winter,
the sparkling dew on the grass
and even the sharp cold mornings
fresh and clean.

the cold wind is coming again,
so i am treasuring today.

every morning this week
i have had somewhere to be early in the morning
but have been home by elevenish
and have enjoyed blogging with my new computer,
reading..i'm still powering through books.
i had forgotten how good it is to learn and get absorbed in a good book
until i didn't have a computer to share my time with!

i have also done a bit of sewing....

london subways  tube...
thanks fiona for pointing out that london has a tube not a subway!

the backs are different
but sticking to a red, white and blue british theme.

front facing.

the first pics i took were on the black leather couch
where they looked fabulous
our lounge room was a bit dark..winter light..or lack of it,
i had to move them to a lighter space, near a window.
our house is an old queenslander
where most of the windows are still original...
a mere eighty or so years
and have patterned glass not clear and smooth
so let in less light.
i am torn between keeping them
and changing them to a glass that i can see the view through
and will let more light into the rooms.

a friend's birthday is coming up next week...
i think i will make her an apron.
i haven't made one for a while.

what are you thinking of making next?

enjoy the day!

naturally Carol xox


  1. What a great idea! I've been watching the Olympics and wishing I was in London.
    Beth x

  2. Carol, you can't call the cushions 'subway' cushions - way too American! Everyone calls it the Tube map (or London Underground if you want to be boring), but definitely not subway!

    I have no idea where you find such great fabric though!! The cushions are fabulous.

  3. I love all the sewing you have been doing recently. Lots of clear, pretty colours to brighten the wintry days. love Jillxx

  4. I have been enjoying seeing the sewing you have been doing lately....lovely , clear colours to brighten wintry days. love Jillxx

  5. I love that fabric too!I love the details that you add to your sewing projects, very nice :-)

  6. Just catching up here. More cushion admiration from me!

    Love the post about bloggers opening their hearts :D

  7. Cute, cute, cute!!
    I must admit I haven't watched one minute of the Olymoics but I do love maps and those cushions really appeal to me. Gorgeous.
    And I think/hope to make another dress tomorrow.

  8. Love an early start to the day, then plenty of afternoon time to potter around home. I am so glad you're back online Carol, I love visiting this space. The cushions are so funky, gorgeous! And love the timing, with all the Olympics hype all over the place xo

  9. I love your cushions. So nice to see your creations again. I've been helping my brother recover from major surgery so haven't been home in over a month. No sewing or blogging and do I ever miss it. But I have been reading like crazy and THAT has been wonderful! So I can relate somewhat. Anyway, thanks for sharing!!

  10. Hello Carol What gorgeous cushions! I love the London tube fabric and that red bobble trim is perfect! Wishing you a happy day.
    Helen x

  11. They are utterly fabulous, Carol. Bravo. Can you part with them?! I'd love to see you do the Paris metro as well. I would snap one up! J x

  12. Hi Carol,

    Your cushions are so lovely,the fabric absolutely gorgeous and the red trim is so fun!Thanks for sharing.
    Have a look at my blog I’ll be glad.

    Hugs from Portugal

    Ana Love Craft

  13. very cool, and educational! love the pom poms

  14. They are great lovely to see you showing off your creations again. have a lovely weekend.


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