Saturday, August 4, 2012

Last Saturday I Was Here!

hi there

finally i am back!

i can post any day of the week i want to...

'cos my mr s brought me a new computer

all the way over from taiwan last week...

so the computer drought is broken..yay!!!

this is the view i was admiring over brunch last saturday...

mr s and mrs a were here from taipei
so her family and our family booked into  apartments at a resort at twin waters, queensland
for the night .

we had a lovely dinner together at the 'loose goose'
then brunched on the balcony the next morning.

we love our extended taiwanese family
and it is always a privelege to get together with them
enjoy our kids.

the apartments had their own little private beach out front
and were spacious and fully equipped...
we only had to bring a change of clothing
and food.

my four sons were all there...
it is a rare occasion these days to get them all together,
my motherheart was delighted
although miss b is still in canada and we all missed her.

i've been sewing a few seams this week
will be posting a couple of 'show and tell's' through the next week.

until then...
i hope your weekend is sunny like ours
your day is a happy one!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Lovely to have you back online, Carol!

  2. Oh Carol! I'm so delighted to have you back. I've really missed your cheery presence around Blogland. And I'm thrilled you've had such precious family time - good for you! J x

  3. Hi Sis! What a wonderful place to stay! It was lovely talking to you last night and I am so glad that you have the computer/blog up and running again so that I can see what you're up to and not just hear about it all on the phone. Isn't it great that Mr S has such wonderful in-laws. Now that I have broadband I'll be able to check into your blog more regularly...YAY!! love Jillxx

  4. Hi Carol! I am so glad that you now have a computer! The place you stayed at Twin Waters looks and sounds fabulous. It was great talking to you on the phone yesterday and now it's lovely to see the pictures to match the stories! love Jillxx

  5. So pleased for you that you have a new computer at last. I shall keep watch for lots more posts :D

  6. Lovely to 'have you back' on a regular basis now Carol! That Twin waters resort looks lovely and what a great idea for everyone to get together to catch up there. We have a daughter backpacking around Sth America with her fiance at the moment (for nearly 4months) and gee I miss them!

  7. Oh Carol, how delightful. A beautiful place to stay and enjoy with precious family. Nothing better than that really. And to have your four sons all there, now that makes it just perfect. Great pic. Will be lovely to have you around here more regularly from now on, YAY! xo


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