Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Thing About Blogging Is..

i was thinking this morning..in the wee hours of around 4 a.m...
that one of the greatest things about blogging is
that to the drama queens among us...it's a stage,
to the writers among us...it's a fresh new page
to the artists among us..it's a blank wall
in our own private exhibition!

the thing that some don't realise
is that it's also an insight to our heart,
here we wear it on our sleeve in every post,
even when we try and cover it up.

a tribute to another beautiful sunny morning...kara on her bed in the sunshine.

the bible says to 'guard your heart...
because out of it flow the issues of life',
passion or poison
gratitude or greed
forgiveness or revenge...

i must say that i love most of what i read
and appreciate the kind and generous hearted people i've met here.
i love the way you open up your hearts regularly
let your love flow out into cyberspace
to be balm to the lonely and needy
...and me...thank you!

don't you just love fresh clean sheets?
when i changed the linen yesterday
i took this photo of the pillowcase i made a couple of months back.

i've made quite a few for my linen cupboard lately
some for others as well.
this fabric didn't really appeal to me when i first made it up
so i couldn't give it away...
but it's grown on me
and is a part of my
shake-off-those-winter-webs-'cos-spring-is-'round-the-corner campaign
happening at my house this week.

lots o' love
naturally Carol xox


  1. Carol,I love a bed with freshly washed sheets.The smell,the feel..DIvine..xx

  2. Hi carol, I think we are alike in many ways! And I do love freshly washed bedsheets! especially when there is a yummy electric blanket underneath! I really loved what you said today... I think i do try to cover up my personality a lot in my blog... I think I try not to get too personal.. not sure why. Maybe its insecurity. Maybe it just feels safe not to let too much "out there".. but your love eminates from your posts, so happy to have met you!!
    Laura xx

  3. Crisp, clean sheets just can't be beaten! I love blogging for the contacts you make with like-minded people around the world. I've made some wonderful blog friends and I love this half hour in the morning when I catch up with what they've been doing with a cup of tea.

  4. washed sheets are delightful, I think ours may need a little love right now. Home made pillow cases are very sweet, great idea.

  5. Hi Sis! As a rather inexperienced blogger I think I'm stll trying to figure out how personal to be on my blogs. I guess everyone finds a level they're comfortable with eventually. Love the pillowcases. Such a pretty shade of blue! I am enjoying the rosey pillowcase you gave me, it matches my room perfectly...thank you!

  6. Lovely Carol, touched my heart and made me pause, made me think, thank you.

  7. What a beautiful post Carol, the words are strung together so perfectly and it describes our blogging world so well. Your gorgeous Kara is just way too cute, all dozy and comfy. And I LOVE fresh sheets, one of the best feelings in the world, slipping into crispy sweet smelling bed sheets xo

  8. what beautiful words, a lovely post.

  9. As a new-ish blogger I'm still trying to work out what my boundaries are around how personal to get. Love that pretty shade of blue...so relaxing and uplifting!

  10. A fabulous and thoughtful post, Carol. I completely concur. It's marvellous to have you back here! J x


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