Monday, August 20, 2012

Peeking in the Window...

hi there!
due to my prolonged and unavoidable computer drought,
i didn't get to share as many taiwanese experiences
as i'd hoped to by now.
this week i want to share a few more.

as many of you know
mr b and i went to taipei for our eldest son's wedding on new year's eve.
mr p {son no 3} came along as well.
we stayed in a small apartment in a little lane in taipei
for three weeks.

these pics show a typical gorgeous display in a baker's window...
there is always something with custard..which we loved,
and all kinds of goodies to enjoy....
they are just a bit different from what we get here..variations.

custard buns...

all kinds of goodies...

strawberry bread...

hot dogs!

the food was glorious...
cheap and very fresh and plentiful.
mr b had the camera on this day
as you can see he's a bread lover..hehe!

{and was probably hungry on this particular day.}

it's making me hungry too..i'm off to boil the jug and have some afternoon tea.

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Carol,

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my Blog - nice to meet you :-D

    Mel x

  2. Wow! such DH would be in 'heaven' there! lol

  3. I'm getting peckish at the sight of all those lovely treats! Looking forward to seeing more of your Taiwanese trip.

  4. Oh hard would it be to resist a diet of all those tasty treats....not good for the waist line indeed.

  5. Fantastic Carol! Now I'd be keen to give that strawberry bread a try... and the custard buns, say no more, YUM! xo

  6. oh those custard buns look delicious!

  7. that bread looks amazing, making me hungry too

  8. We love a good bakery and the treats you've shown look so nice and fresh. The strawberry bread sounds unusual but I do love bread and berries I'm sure it would taste good with lots of butter mmmm.

  9. Now I'm hungry too! I'm a bread girl for sure. :)

  10. I am so hungry for a custard bun right now and strawberry bread ...mmmm.

  11. Yum! What is it about custardy things!

  12. I'm quite surprised, for some reason I didn't expect to see breads like that in Taiwan. They look tasty, especially the custard bun. What are the cubes?

  13. Oh wow! All of this looks wonderful. I'm a fellow bread lover myself. :) xo


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