Friday, August 17, 2012

Coffee Time?

good afternoon!

after meeting a special friend for coffee this morning at Gloria Jeans,
i wandered up a few shops to the kitchen shop.
as usual i just had to check out the mugs...
'cos you see,
i am a bit of a fan of mugs.

i only have a smallish cupboard to house them in
or they would probably take over my entire house.

i have learned that i can buy them
and give them away...
and every so often i have a mug cull,
it breaks my heart
but i just think that it has two advantages...
firstly somebody who has no mugs
may now own some lovely ones very cheaply from a thrift store,
and secondly
i get to buy some more!

my newest find
was a bargain.
they were almost throwing these red polka dotted mugs out this morning...
{maxwell & right hand corner, second from right, top shelf}
one for me, one for my friend and one for her 13yr old daughter
bought for under five dollars for the three...whoohoo!!
{i was first attracted to them when they were nearly five dollars each...hehe}

i have more expensive ones,
but to me it isn't the price,
it's just whether i want to live with it or not.
when i lived in canberra
i used to love the regular china sales in david jones and myer,
up here i've collected starbucks mugs and maxwell & williams mainly.
i love collecting china i can look at and use every day...
not shut away in a cabinet, so special, that i can't handle them often.

do you have a collection?
or a weakness for something my mugs?

have a great weekend,

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hi Carol, Lovely to find your blog! I can see between the recipes and the conviviality it's a lovely place to visit. Right now, a cup of tea in one of your spotty mugs, and perhaps a slice (or two) of lemon madeira cake would be perfect! Amanda
    PS I have a trillion weaknesses when it comes to collecting.

  2. Get the kettle on Carol.I'll have my coffee in the green leafy one! I like how you buy what you like. And it's a nice collection too. xx

  3. I've fallen for your red and white cups and saucers on the bottom shelf - absolutely gorgeous! You can never have too many mugs (and I use mugs every day rather than cups and saucers). I have a lovely, large bone china one that my mother-in-law gave me about 20 years ago that I always have for my morning cuppa. It's not something I would have chosen, but it's a lovely mug to drink out of. I think she meant me to put it in a glass cabinet and look at it, but that seems pointless to me! I don't collect anything really - we move house too much and things get broken, so I don't have many breakables that I'm attached to.

  4. Like Fiona, I love the mugs and plates on the shelf below :-) One day I plan to write some posts about my 'collections'...items which our children have said they don't want to have to deal with 'when I'm gone'....aren't they heartless? lol

  5. ooooh, those red and white sets on the bottom row are so yummy. Can I have my earl grey in one of these please?

  6. I seem to have collected quite a few gravy boats. They are lovely but totally impractical. Not like your lovely mugs.
    Beth x

  7. Oh yes, I do know what you mean about mugs Carol and ironically we have quite the collection... and are not tea or coffee drinkers!? But our visitor often are, so we have plenty of choice for them.
    And I have to admit, there are so many gorgeous varieties of mugs and tea cups and so pretty too.
    Love your new purchase! xo

  8. I love mugs too - I've had to definitely keep the reins tight as we don't have much room for these lovelies. I particularly like yours with the butterfly - wonderful colors and design.

  9. Wonderful mug collection! I think mugs are a wonderful thing to buy when you want to buy something for your home but can't afford a major purchace. love Jillxx

  10. I love a pretty mug for my cuppa, it makes it taste sooo nice..xx

  11. We hac=ve way too many mugs! I love to have a different one for my coffee every morning!

  12. SO CUTE!

    Love your visits over to Ordinary Inspirations! You are a blessing!

    Love, Traci Michele

  13. Hi Carol, oh you should just see how stuffed my mug cupboard is! Yet, I'm still tempted when I see new pretty ones! Thanks so much for the kind comment you left on my post about God's laughter.

  14. Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month ,white Rabbit No return lol

    Good to see you yesterday Carol ,we will have to catch up real soon for a coffee ,praying all Goes well for Bill Next week xx


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