Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Warm Northerly Breeze!

it's happened!
today was the first day,
the first morning
that i got out of bed
instead of reaching for a cardi
or a blanket
to warm my cooling shoulders
nipped by a frosty morning...

there was a gently breeze
descending from the north,
a warm
cocooning me
and whispering sweetly in the jacarandas.

a taste of springtime
light sunny mornings!

does your dog grind her teeth...
mine does
is sitting under my desk,
grinding away as i write...funny.

i decided to make
pancakes with lemon & sugar
for afternoon tea....

all you need is a medium mixing bowl...
sift into it
a cup of plain flour,
add an egg
then one and a quarter cups of milk.
stir well.
add a little more milk if you want the batter thinner.

i doubled the mixture
so there's more for dessert or brekky tomorrow morning
for whoever wants them.

i have been intending to post
just a couple of times a week
i've broken my own rules a lot lately...
i just can't help
sharing my's just good to be back.

feelin' all that bloggy love...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Pancakes with lemon and sugar are the best...and with a great cup of coffee...heavenly...just like mum used to make when we were kids. There are hints of spring here in NZ too. I love this time of year...knowing that all the good weather is ahead of us. By the way, I love the apron you made for your friend. So pretty with the grey trim! Love Jillxx

  2. Yum ... I haven't had pancakes with lemon and sugar for ages. What a good idea!

    I've always imagined Queensland as being quite warm throughout the year .... what sort of winters do you get there? Glad it's warming up for you though ... I hate being cold!

    1. Where I am we have the occasional frost but mostly get cool to cold nights in winter with cool to warm days, summer = cool to warm nights with warm to hot days.

  3. It was a glorious warm day here in Brisbane today too Carol :-) Did hear on the weather report that it could be cold again here by the weekend!

  4. Ooh, I'm craving pancakes now ... yum!

    We have the first hint of autumn in the air. I never ceased to be in awe of this switch of seasons around the globe :D

  5. Oooo I love those warm, Spring like words Carol. That first hint of warmer days is quite lovely... as are your beautiful looking pancakes. Gorgeous post xo

  6. I've never heard of lemon and sugar on pancakes...might have to give it a try. These resemble the German pancakes my husband's family loves to eat. They are more like crepes than traditional pancakes.. we spread syrup on them and roll them up like your last picture.


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