Sunday, August 19, 2012

This Sunday...

hi there!

hummingbird cake and a caramel milkshake
dressed with strawberries,
this is a picture of sunday morning
after church.

sundays can be bittersweet,
for me it is the day that my family always leaves me.
they arrive on friday evenings...
this week mr b {husband} and mr m {son no.2} both came.
mr b came down and mr m came up.

fridays are full of excitement.
the house gets a tidy...most times...
and there is an air of anticipation and expectancy.

saturdays are pleasant,
enjoying the company
and fulfilling plans, discussing
and making more plans.
satisfied that my family is fine.

but sundays.
sundays start off well,
a couple more hours together,
the wellbeingness of going to church
and feeding not only the spirit but
the soul and even the body.

then one by one they leave.
it's a long drive back to work for mr b,
so it's just after lunch that he goes.
then later mr m has to leave as well.
kara will sit forlornly on her couch,
her big brown eyes sorrowful
as her beloved master leaves.
i just feel a little emptier inside.

mmmm...bittersweet indeed.

naturally Carol xox

p.s...about yesterday's post...the little red and white espresso cups are made by bodum, i bought them about seven years ago locally.


  1. Sounds like the perfect time to phone your sister! Love Jillxx

  2. I have to ask, is Jill your sister?

    I see one son everyday because he still lives at home, the other son once or twice a week, but I sometimes go weeks without seeing my daughters and they both live locally. It's these crazy busy lives kids lead these days.

    1. Yes, Jill is my talented wonderful fabric designing sister..Velvet Moss is her blog, she lives in NZ, so this is how we show each other our lives.

  3. How lovely your weekends sound.
    Enjoy your family while they're there.
    I'm hoping I have another 15-20 years of at least one of them home full time.
    I'm sure I will feel the same way if they begin to breeze in and out on weekends

  4. You are lucky to get to see your family on the weekends, it certainly is sad to see them leave and then the house goes an eerie quiet :(

    My hubby is away for a couple of days at the moment and son is at school, so I have having some special me time, and catching up on blogs I have fell behind with.

    Hugs to you Carol xx

  5. Oh I know what you mean Carol. All the days of the week have a feel, but Sunday has always been like the end of the party in my eyes. Spirits drop in readiness for school or work the next day. Definitely bittersweet. But that cake and milkshake look divine, too good to eat! xo

  6. A very sweet treat! It's too bad their work is so far away.


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