Friday, March 25, 2011

An Abundance!

evening all!

i have been so blessed by people helping me with the cushions
this week was no exception...

as well as caroline promising more to come,
vanessa from 'flower photography' sent me this amazing parcel this week...

cushion inserts, fat quarters, yardage ..even the ribbon will be used!
buttons and candles for me...thank you kind ~

and a tin for little cards and a soap for me too!
whose spoiled ?
..i am!!

guess what..she didn't know..but
with all the kid's cushions to be made for the school
i couldn't have asked for more suitable fabrics..amazing!!

tomorrow i'm going to a 60th birthday..
so i made these for my friend,

i thought i'd show you and you can let me know if you think they'll be suitable.

they are a neutral colour..'cos i'm not sure what colour her lounge room is.

i embroidered one little mushroom tag...
and i was having fun

so i embroidered another little mushroom too!

a view from the back.

a very happy birthday to my friend trish...
a dedicated nursing person...i admire her greatly!

have a wonderful weekend...
i know you're a bunch of mad party animals..
without exception?!?!
{oh..i think there is an!}

naturally Carol xox


  1. I'm sure she'll love the cushions, Carol. I don't think you can go wrong with neutral tones - she's bound to have somewhere that they'll look fabulous!

  2. you are so very talented Carol. I can't sew at all but i love love love looking at your gorgeous cushions xx

  3. Carol i am sure that she will love these cushions they are gorgous,well done

  4. More cushion magic coming up! Thanks for your thoughtful comment on my blog Carol - you are such a great lady :)

  5. Your new cushions are very stylish, your friend will love them.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your friend Trish!

    The cushions look lovely and it is probably a good idea to stay neutral. Love the cute little mushroom tag...

    You make some beautiful cushions Carol, and look at the great parcel you received. Nice pretty coloured fabric there, I am sure you will put it all to good use.


  7. Oh they are gorgeous Carol all your cushions are! Thank you so much again for making them up for me :-) Glad the fabric was just the ticket too :-)

  8. My party animal days are long gone, chance would be a fine thing! Lovely cushions, I'm sure your friend will be thrilled.

    Happy weekend

  9. Very delicate looking... love the neutral one
    If you love to play with colours and flowers? Please visit me at

  10. Anyone would love to get some of your cushions carol. How generous of Vanessa to send you all that! The fabrics are lovely and I love the apple gift tag.

  11. A Beautiful Giftie for more Cushions..Gorgeous Fabrics & Buttons...
    Lovely set for your Friend I'm sure she will Just Love Them..Beautiful Colour & Fabric..
    Cute Tags...

  12. People are so sweet and you do such a great job..

  13. love the pillows - that mushroom is awesome!!! have a great weekend :)

  14. What a great package to receive. I love the fabrics, and they will be perfect for the children. I love the mushroom tags on your friend's pillow. I'm sure she will love them.

  15. Those cushions are lovely! That fabric you were sent is wonderful too! You have been very busy, so enjoy catching up with your friend for her birthday! X

  16. The cushions are beautiful Carol. The fabrics you have set out there look really nice too. Good to catch up with you. Enjoy yourself.


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