Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cate's Cushion!

last week...
{it'seemed like such a long week..i can't remember what day}
i got three georgeous parcels from the postie..
all containing cushions.

what with having to fill in paperwork for the tiny job i've been given..
{who'd a' thought it'd take so much time ~fiddling around over two days~
to fill in papers for such a little job}
and trying to get a few more cushions done myself..
and ordinary things like shopping
and regular commitments...
i never got photos done or posted of the cushions that came...
i apologise to cate and mindy and caroline. thought i'd start with cate's

very 'tweet' {sweet} indeed...
all cate's little birds are sitting on a running stitch wire
and each bird is handstitched beautifully with blanket stitch.

a close up of the left hand bottom corner...cute!

from another angle...

if you love this cushion..
please visit cate @ keepcatebusy
and tell her how clever she is...
i have noted that there have been little comments she has made
trying to tell  us that she's not clever 'n' crafty...
but now we know better!

please forgive me for not showing much 'on the black couch' anymore...
but due to people living in my front room
my black couch is covered with all kinds of 'stuff'
and is now hard to get to!

this time and perhaps in the future..
i shall have to take photos
'on the pink blanket'!

by the way
i am extremely grateful for the help of
everybody's contributions of cushions and fabric...
we have sent well over 50 cushions out
with another dozen to go this week...

i couldn't have done it without


so i'm joining in with the saturday's grateful posts
at 'maxabella's' this week...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Hello Carol! This is a good example that 'less is more'! What a great idea for a perfect pillow! I love this!
    I wish you lovely weekend! xxx Teje

  2. Hi Carol, this is really the sweetest pillow of them all. Indeed a very talented lady. I know I haven't joined in making a pillow cover, but I think YOU should be thanked for doing all this.

  3. I love this pillow! I want one! :)

    So very cute - great job!!!

  4. Oh so cute pillow! I love it, another inspiring thing you just made! Have a great weekend Carol! x

  5. Well done Cate!! Thing you're right Carol - she has been tricking us telling us she is not crafty!! Very nice work.

  6. That is a gorgeous cushion! Yes, she is a clever cookie. Will go now and let her know:)

  7. What a lovely cushion. I love the colourful birds.

  8. Totally(tweet),OH,I mean sweet..Love it..xx

  9. Carol, I LOVE that birdie cushion (of course I do!). I will pop over to Cate's to tell her so (of course I will!) x

  10. Such a gorgeous cushion!! I love it carol! I must pop over and check out the blog you mentioned... Also, i am really envious of your nice neat creative space!! Mine isnt so neat and tidy!!! a giant mess really!!! I just wish i could be so organised and minimal!!!
    Laura xxx

  11. Adorable! Those are really sweet little birds!

  12. That pillow is gorgeous! She did a beautiful job.

  13. Tweet tweet. I love this cute cushion.

  14. I really love this pretty birdie cushion, it's very sweet and colourful.
    Helen x


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