Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm Honoured...Thank You!

hi there!
today i'm doing a little catching up...

i have been given two awards
and as you know they take a little bit of figuring out...
to respond to them properly
and send them on their way.

the first one i received was from mindy...
her blog is 'in the loop'.

as the name suggests, mindy is crazy about crochet!
she is also very profficient at it
and makes beautiful headbands...
cute animals and figures..including a robot!

she also makes the most divine looking necklaces
with crocheting and beads intertwined.
just a few days ago she sent me some crocheted cushion covers
for flood affected queenslanders, that i will show you soon.

to receive this award i have to tell you about 4 guilty!

  1. the above award is so apt for my first guilty pleasure...i love creamy desserts..strawberry parfaits, pavlova, cheesecake or creme brulee..i love them all and i do feel very guilty when i indulge!
  2. my second guilty pleasure is watching chick flicks...i love the romance..the build up..exploring the characters..the sweetness of the first blush of romance...mmm...a couple of hours is gone in a flash.  This pleasure was introduced at a very early age with the event of 'a sound of music' in the sixties..oh how i wanted to be julie andrews and sing my way through a romantic life...overcoming the terror of war even..everything was possible with a handsome lover!
  3. my third guilty pleasure is day dreaming...haha..i can while away the hours easily in a day dream, i'm a great procrastinator..i've had years of experience..oh well  : (...the two previous guilty pleasures aid very well in my procrastination too!)
  4. my fourth guilty pleasure is in listening to unpopular gospel, boy bands..the everley brothers...bee gees. if it has some harmony and a sing along melody i'm into it!  crooners are invited to sing to me anytime they'd like!
so now you know a little more about this uncool chick...
i'm being honest at least don't give me the flick!

i'd like to give this award to two special bloggers...

firstly to laura from 'summerhouse'

laura is a consistently sweet person with a tasteful blog...
her style is undeniably cool...romantic and chic!
she is also a warm and caring person
with a georgeous family and a blossoming business
and makes the most adorable soft furnishings and crafted pieces.

also i would like to pass this award on
 to helen from the blog appropriately named 'helen philipps'

helen is an amazingly talented woman..
she crafts constantly..making bunnies, cross stitching,
patchwork, name it, she does it...beautifully.

helen's blog is always pretty...whether it's flowers or crafts..
she's an irresistably sweet blogger!

i hope both of you will accept this award.

i am also honoured to accept the 'liebster blog' award
from sue who blogs at 'astrachic studio'

sue's blog has amazing photo's combined with amazing graphics,
she has a lovely sense of whimsy and fun...
i am sure you'll enjoy meeting her and her fantastical blog!
thank you sue.

the aim of the 'liebster blog' is to showcase other great but not so well known blogs that we
love to follow....ones with less than 3,000 followers!

1. if you accept this award you need to display it and write a post about it.
2.  pass it on to 3 to 5 others and let them know about it.
3. link back to the person who gave it to you.

no. one...check.
no. two...

i would like to pass the 'liebster award' on to...

pam from 'bayside rose'...
pam is a lady with style...only recently discovered by me, known by others though...i enjoy visiting her
and love to read what she has to say and see her lovely photos.
i hope you accept this award pam and we'll all be around to see your georgeous roses!

anb from 'suburban sonnet'...
a pretty and interesting blog written by a woman with a small child and a garden...
all about living and life in general.
thanks anb for being real and just your georgeous self ...
your honesty about life shines through your blog.


cat has a bright and brilliant blog...she is a mum and a crafter..
she is fun and just a mite crazy for life...
pop in and love her blog too!

number the list is completed..

enjoy your awards everyone
and happy browsing to everyone else..i hope you discover a new friend here somewhere!

naturally Carol xox


  1. awwww carol, no one has called me cool for.... well, I dont remember!!!! bless your cotton socks, I love you so much for saying that!!!!!!!! I am so proud of you for getting this award, you really deserve it and I so wish i could give you a big hug hunny!!! Lovin you from afar!!!!! and thankyou so much!!!
    Laura xxx

  2. Congrats on your bloggy awards! Reading your guilty pleasures make me smile.... I share a few.... and of course have a few extra of my own! x

  3. Congrats on your bloggy awards,I enjoyed reading your guilty pleasures, i am with you on #2 and #4

  4. I love your guilty pleasures and congratulations on your award, your blog is always so cheery and upbeat. You deserve it!


  5. Congratulations! You definitely deserve them! I really enjoy your blog and you bring me great inspirations all the time!!! Enjoy and hope you have a beautiful day! x

  6. Congrats, Carol. These are two awards that I haven't encountered before (I confess I don't know what a Liebster is!). You so deserve the Sweet award and I LOVE your guilty pleasures (barr the gospel bit as I can't say I've ever really indulged however that moment in Sister Act where that little boy sang 'Happy Day' lives on in my memory as one of life's great moments!!) x

  7. Congratulations! Both well deserved.

  8. Congratulations on both your blog awards, Carol! They are well deserved! I loved reading your guilty pleasures list... And thank your for giving me the award too, so kind of you!! Will mention it on my blog soon! Have a lovely day.
    Helen x

  9. How wonderful! You do have such a sweet and encouraging blog. Love the quilty pleasures...we are kindred spirits I tell ya!
    Hope you are having a very sweet day.


  10. Congrats on the blog awards, Carol! I loved reading your guilty pleasures. I LOVE The Sound of Music!

  11. Congratulations on your awards, well deserved!

  12. Congratulations dear Carol! Lovely pillows and so wonderful fabrics again in your last post! I'll go to meet others in your links.
    Have a great weekend! xxx Teje

  13. Congratulations, Carol. Your talent is amazing and you certainly deserve this award. Love your guilty pleasures ;-)

  14. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for sharing your fav blogs with us all.
    They all look great and lots of fun. The greatest thing is that the award is traveling all
    around the world so I have had visitors from far
    flung places this week Czech Republic, Israel,
    Netherlands and Maldives. Thanks for all your kind words. Have a lovely week,

  15. Congratulations Carol, You have a lovely blog and they are very well deserved.

    Thank so much for my award Carol. Will put it onto my awards page.

    (Can't believe how many cushions you make!)
    Pam x


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!