Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Small Creative Sewing Space!

 i'm joining in with kootoyoo tonight.

a while back..teje from 'nero's post & patch' asked me
to show her my sewing space,
so here goes...

that little quilt is from a book of miniature quilts,
i made it about nine or ten years ago
and quilted it by hand...
it makes a lovely sewing machine mat
and keeps the table from getting scratched.

this is a view of the whole sewing table,
there is a bigger dining table next to it
where i have space to cut out patterns..and cushion covers & aprons!

i have only just bought those rectangular baskets..
they are made out of woven lengths of thick 'ribbon'
and have a metal frame.
they look a lot neater than the plastic container i used to have there
and are only from the cheap shop so weren't expensive.

the pink padded box is where my cotton is kept...
the plastic containers next to it are full of sorted embroidery cottons.

these are my fabrics...just a wee pile.
i have seen a lot of sewing rooms with fabrics
colour sorted and piled high in georgeous shelves and cabinets...
well that's not me.

i guess i'm a kind of minimalist when it comes to my sewing supplies...
most gets used almost as soon as it's bought at the moment.
i still enjoy what i do have though!
the more excited i am about my fabric
the more i just want to sew it up immediately...then it's!

well that's really all there is to see..
i hope you enjoyed your peek teje!
{and anybody else who may be browsing!}

i made a couple of 'mushroom' cushions today..i'll keep them for later...

see ya!

naturally Carol xox


  1. i wish i have a sewing table just like yours, big enough to put all my sewing tools ;D

  2. And you can look out of the window onto the world.. Peace be still. So tidy also. Great. xx

  3. Love your space (and that mini quilt underneath your machine). I also admire how neat everything is. I heart order. Well done you. xxx

  4. Love checking out lovely spaces....thanks for sharing yours. Oh so neat and tidy.

  5. Fun! That's a beautiful quilt under your sewing machine. Almost sad to have so much of it covered!

  6. Looks like I am the first to ask...did you tidy before you took the pics lol,it is lovely and I am now like you I have just begun to clear out my overflow,as I do a project I take my leftovers for the Cackle Club(my craft group) to take what they want and i am aiming to finish all UFO's i have never been one to half do a job but a few small ones escaped lol..have a lovely day and thank you for a peep at your sewing area.

  7. Hello Carol! Your sewing place looks so wonderful and it invites to work with all that light! Everything so well in order...I cleaned just today my space and now it's so great to start something new. That small quilt is beautiful! I'm happy also for your news in your last post! xxx Teje

  8. You have a lovely space Carol. I'm like you are with your fabric but with my yarn stash - got to buy for a project then use it straightaway (only knitting usually takes a bit longer). I really like your little purpose built quilt too! xx

  9. You have a lovely neat space and i love your machine mat Carol.

  10. a gorgeous space, and I love those windows!

  11. What a nice space, Carol, and right by the windows. I like your little quilt.

  12. Nice space. I like that box of fabric :-) thanks for stopping by

  13. This looks like a great place to be when being creative! It's always nice to see how someone organizes her stuff. I would go nuts if I had to find fabric in a box like that. Mine is always in piles by colour behind glass doors. That way I can see at once what I have and what I need. Have a great day.

  14. Love the miniature quilt, very pretty, such a shame to hide most of it though!
    A neat workplace, a neat workspace, is supposed to indicate a neat mind? I have a cluttered desk sometimes.... draw your own conclusions from that!!

  15. I love your sewing space. Light, neat and tidy, and it looks spacious too. Lovely.

  16. Love your sewing table and the mini quilted mat under the sewing machine.


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