Thursday, March 31, 2011

Count Down...

hello there!

i think i'll join up with 'kootoyoo' today...
i haven't for a couple of weeks.
there's lots of creativity happening there!

counting down from 35 cushions
needed for nanango primary school

this is number 23
{22 to go!}

i think this is my favourite in the 'boys will be boys' fabric.
i've distributed the colours more randomly
and love the combinations of greys and grey/blue with the apricot...

i really like all the sketchily drawn characters too!
the boys, dogs and monkeys make me smile,
i know my boys would have loved a few monkeys about.
mr t's favourite animal in the zoo was always a monkey...

it had to be blue...
sounds a bit like a song doesn't it!
{it had to be you...hehe!}

i would have preferred grey
but didn't have any left so
it had to be blue!

just a word about the bright 'n' stripey cushion from yesterday...
to make it more robust for kids
i lined the front with calico and sewed the two layers together
before attaching the back to the front.

i've made another couple with those thinner fat quarters...
and have lined them too..
i'll show you tomorrow.

take care now...
i'm off to singing practice tonight
for the first time in years..we've got something fun planned for easter...
i'll tell you about it then!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Ooh I really Love this Fabric...I am all set to go now & have worked out my Buttonholer on my Machine...
    Hope to send you some next week...
    Thanks for the Tip with the Lining...
    Great Job!

  2. Carol you are a pocket rocket you never stop,well done and stunning as usual

  3. Oh, how I love a patchwork pillow. Actually anything patchwork is beautiful. This is such a boys pillow. Love how you do buttons at the back.

    Also, I'm now singing "It had to be you..." Go Harry! xx

  4. Love the fabrics - so nice to see some that are suitable for boys! I have to agree with Shez ... there seems to be no stopping you!!

  5. I love all your fabrics in this post and the last one too! Have a lovely day!
    Helen x

  6. You are one clever lady - love this cushion. Hope singing was fun!!

  7. Very cute one. love the simple patch work

  8. These look great Carol.....I love Patchwork! I'm sure the kids at Nanango School will be most pleased. I haven't been to Nanango for ages. My Grandfather and Aunt live at Yarraman. What a small world!

  9. love this one too! I think the 'random' colour distribution is really effective. (and really cute fabric!!)

  10. That's just about the cutest boy fabric I've ever seen, Carol. It's made me a bit nostalgic actually as I was looking at it thinking 'it's probably a bit young for Max' and, sob, it is! x

  11. Really loving the characters on this fabric. I may need to get some to make something for my nephew.

  12. Hello Carol! This is one of my favorites! I love those dog figures! And the colours - blue is always My colour! Have a wonderful weekend! xxx Teje

  13. Cute fabrics, they look great together.

  14. Such cute little prints. I love patchwork style cushions.


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