Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Flip Side...

i hope you're all having a lovely time
this afternoon...browsing away and posting to your heart's content!

i'm going to show you the other side to caroline's personality...
yesterday we got to see 'sweet caroline'...
pink and pretty..as one comment said..the cushion was dainty.
i thought that the word 'dainty', was just the right one.

carolines cushions are bold and arty...
beautiful in a different way.

lovely large floral prints are sewn in a patch on the front of each cushion...
the colours are bold and deep,
the texture of the fabric is like raw linen.

picture taken on an angle...

two out of three...

thanks caroline...these are a work of art...
and i know that jenny will find just the right people for them.

i'm sure she would love a visit!

funny thing!!
i just checked in to see that the link above to caroline's site was right
and found that being the 400th follower...
she is going to make a few more cushion covers for theodore's flood affected people..yay!
thanks caroline  : )

i'm rapt!

today is my mum's birthday!

h a p p y  b i r t h d a y

m u m !!

a few daisies for you today...
i hope you're enjoying your day!

naturally Carol xox


  1. They're very pretty - whilst I appreciate the dainty ones, these are more the sort of cushions I'd have. It's so nice that given the range of people contributing cushion covers, you get something for all tastes.

  2. beautifulllllllllll! bravoooo!!!

  3. Congratulations to your Mum!! These cushions really deserve their own post, I agree with you. They are so beautiful, and the contrast with the previous is amazing. Unbelievable that they were made by the same person. Very talented indeed.

  4. Happy Birthday Carol's Mum! And for you Carol, gorgeous cushions. Love your work (and so glad to hear that you're on the mend.) Such good news. xx

  5. Beautiful bright and bold designs today! Loved the daisies too - and sending very happy birthday wishes to your mum! Have a great day!
    Helen x

  6. That linen fabric is SO nice!! I'd hate to put my head on that. ;-)

  7. Happy Birthday to your mom! These pillows are wonderful! Simple pattern and they are so artistic! I wish you lovely day!
    Thank you for your sweet words! xxx Teje

  8. Lurvely!!!
    Happy Birthday mum!!

  9. These are really beautiful. I love how bold they are. Caroline is really talented, and I think it's wonderful that she's going to make more cushions!

  10. Those really are like art! Happy Birthday to your sweet mom from me :)


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