Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Companion for Little Rosy...

i'm getting in early for monday...
or rather late for the weekend!

i've been mostly sending off my cushions in pairs..
'cos most of the ladies on my list have hubbies or friends
and one cushion on a couch looks kinda lonely.

so i was thinking about 'little rosy'...

from irene at re-vintaged
and how she didn't have a companion...
so couldn't be part of a pair.

i looked through my florals
and found a pretty piece of yellow with pink peonies.

the piece of fabric wasn't big enough to even do a front...
so I put an insert in the middle of the biggest piece
and ric rac over the seams!

pretty buttons in pink and pale blue...

pink stripes and white buttons
and pink with white polka dots...the back.

now 'little rosy' from re-vintaged
has a lemony yellow companion
they were both posted on friday
to keep a lovely lady company in theodore.

a most sensible arrangement i'm thinking...

naturally Carol xox


  1. Definitely a sensible arrangement! I love the way you are thinking and make these people happy!
    groetjes, Dorien

  2. A match made in heaven!!!
    Just lovely.
    Thank you for doing all this Carol. I know your efforts will be appreciated by lots of people :)

  3. Gorgeous cushions ...Great Effort Carol.

  4. Your post always brings a smile to my face. Great job on the cushion, as always.

  5. Another beautiful cushion! Love the pink ric-rac!

  6. My little pink people people would the last one - so pink and pretty :O)

  7. Gorgeous cushions - I do love the rose florals very much! When my younger daughter (Rosie) was small we used to call her 'little rosie' too! a lovely name for that lovely cushion!
    Helen x

  8. What a nice companion. The pink and yellow look lovely together, I think the lovely lady will be very pleased!

  9. They look like they go together kinda like peanut butter and chocolate! So, so cute...but then, I'm partial to florals. Great job.


  10. Hello Carol! Your New York pillows are really unique and beautiful! But now I love this rose fabric!!! I wish I could sew something so flowerish for the spring time!
    Flowery wishes from Teje

  11. Love that you added ric rac over the seams... it's beautiful!


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