Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Wednesday In March...

when the weather was wonderfully warm...
{the fans were on at 7 am this morning}
i gathered another package to theodore together.

another 6 cushions for the new dongas..caravans..
being built for flood affected peeps.

there are 5 more required.


8 for the primary school there...
the little and prep,
they need 35 in all so the littlies can rest on them
..and sit on them..and play with them!

there are 27 more to make.

here are a few of the kiddie ones that were sent to the school this morning...

i finally figured that all the elephants stand the same way up...
and all the other animals have right way up and upside down figures!

i just used a trio of mismatched buttons on this back.

this will probably appeal to the girls mostly...
but i thought it would be cute for kids.

we're helping them learn to count!

sewing in the selvedge with the little buttons to come off and be swallowed!

a multitude of coloured raindrops and tiny spots on the backs.

a radically different acid yellow...bright botany prints...

a variety of white buttons...all my ducks are in that line!
{i only had two}

the other ones that went to the school are

the spangler's denim cushion


the polka dotted patch cushion.

there are more goodies to share tomorrow...
i didn't get a thing cut out yesterday,
'cos at the last moment i realised i needed some food in the house...
and shopping takes time.

i love that life dishes out the unexpected...
and the unknown...
each challenge encourages us to learn..
and to overcome.

take on today's challenges
with faith and hope in your heart!

naturally Carol xox


  1. lovely cushions the kids will love them

  2. all adorable Carol. Love the elephants!


  3. i'm so loving the elephants (7 other animals)! elephants never forget ♥

  4. Great Job Still...all the Cushions look Fabulous..the Kiddies will just Love Them.

  5. Hi Carol,
    I have left you a little something Special on
    my blog. Just a thank you for having such a
    lovely blog and for sharing with us all.
    All the best, Sue

  6. I love that animal fabric!! It is just the cutest :-)

  7. I haven't had my Carol cushion fix for a week now. I feel much calmer and ready to face the world. You are a really lovely person x

  8. I'm loving the pink umbrella!! Beautiful work Carol Cazxx

  9. O so cute!!! and I love your last line..."take on today's challenges with faith and hope in your heart!" I think I'll put that up on the fridge for a gentle reminder. Thanks my friend.
    I hope you have the sweetest day!


  10. I love the animals and the umbrellas. The children will love them! Beautiful!

  11. Those fabrics are adorable for the kids. I always love the way you match them up and coordinate the buttons! Beautiful!

  12. What a lovely cushions, I wish I could make it by myself..


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