Monday, March 28, 2011

Just For Kids...

good morning!
only just got by with a good morning not a good afternoon..hehe..

the weekend was great,
the surprise party for my friend was a huge success.
it was held in a lovely turn of the century queenslander
with big verandahs ...and fairy lights came on in the evening.

it was the same place..kingston house..that mr t & sharrie got married at.
it was lovely to visit again!

apart from that mr w was home for the weekend
so we actually went as a couple to the party.
i am very used to going alone to events these days
so it was nice to have a partner.

i did a bit of fiddling at the sewing machine
and had fun working out these cushions for the kids at nanango primary school
in central queensland.

the boys, dogs and monkeys
are from a selection called 'boys will be boys'...
i've teamed them up with my blue choices
from a pack of one hundred plain charm squares from westminster fabrics.

a plain baby blue back.

now that cushion goes with this...

and this is that!

spicing it up with red...

i think these colours might energise the little ones
not put them to sleep at nap time...
oh well..they can just wave this one around
when it's time to wake up! lol

a red back..just to keep it all popping!

the school needed 35 altogether,
i posted 8 last week..with these 2
i need to produce 25 more!

i've got one more in this series..a more subdued group of hues
but one i like just as much.

i also got a surprise last week from nic at 'yardage design'
but it deserves a post of it's own...
so you'll have to wait!
thanks, nic.

thought for today...

"whoever loves instruction loves knowledge,
but he who hates reproof is stupid"

proverbs 12:1

that's something to meditate on isn't it!

naturally Carol xox


  1. well done Carol the kids will love them

  2. awesome as always! Glad you had a great weekend! here's to a great week!

  3. Your pillows are the cutest!!

  4. Fantastic fabrics made into great cushions. The kids will love them!!

  5. Great pillows, well done you! I am glad you had a great weekend:)

  6. This red one was very nice! I like your blogg and I am happy to have you as my blogg-friend "down-under".


  7. Fantastic work Carol! They look amazing, you are doing a fantastic thing! X

  8. They are both gorgeous and so much fun! Those red monkeys are adorable.

  9. I love the book of Proverbs. It is so to the point! I love the "Boys will be Boys" cushions. May you have a productive and blessed day!

  10. these are cute little kids cushions, but another 25 to make? you have quite a task. i wonder what your yardage design surprise is?

  11. Great pillows, well done you!
    fab. blog too!

  12. Carol, I am so sure that the kids are going to be really appreciative of your hard work and generosity!! You are a special lady!
    My husband is often away too for special events, its kind of annoying having to go alone to things, but i guess its all the more special when you can go together?!
    Laura xx

  13. I love these, Carol! The children will adore them. Fabulous fabrics.


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