Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweet Caroline!

hi ! good afternoon!

monday...and off not literally..sorry cate!

this morning i visited with some georgeous girls doing a course locally,
called 'way to go', coordinated by the local women's health centre.

i was just there to encourage them...
for twelve weeks last year...feb to april...4 days a week..
a group of us got to know each other really well
and some wonderful women...ruth, jo, and anna,
 helped us to open up our lives.
 We confronted fear and sometimes pride,
getting to know ourselves better in a safe and affirmative environment.

i took along my 'meadowsweet' apron, my crocheted cushion,
my new, new york cushions and the 'mushroom cushions' i haven't shown you yet...
guess what..they liked them.
i hope it will inspire somebody to have a anything they want to!

speaking of cushions...
this sweetie was made by caroline,

the sweetest of tiny rosebuds..a lovely textured fabric...

i hope you go and discover her blog...
caroline sews beautifully.

this amazing rose is totally handmade by caroline...
doesn't it just 'make' the cushion.

the dreamy spotted pink on the back,

tomorrow i'll show you what other covers she sent me...
it's just that they deserve a post of their own!

now...after my fun morning...
i think i'm just ready to take my time...
choose some more fabric from my little box
and cut out a few more covers for theodore.

i can see the light at the end of the tunnel now..
with this project,
so on with a quiet, contemplative afternoon!

'til tomorrow...

naturally Carol xox


  1. What a cute cushion lovely fabrics,well done.

  2. Another beautiful cushion!

    Carol, whatever are you going to do when you finish this project?!

  3. 'Way to Go' sounds really terrific, Carol. What a great local initiative. A bit like a mothers' group with more to talk about than baaaabies! x

  4. Hi Carol! Your group sounds really amazing. That rose detail and fabric on that cushion is just gorgeous! I am going off for a look at some of your other posts now! X

  5. Oh, you had me cheering for you!!
    No seriously, it sounds like an important morning you had to 'run' off to anyway.
    Lovely fabric on caroline's cushion...such a sweet colour :-)
    I bet you'll feel a sense of real achievement once your project is you said, the light at the end of the tunnel is not far off now!!

  6. Caroline's pillow is so pretty. I love the addition of the flower... so cute!

  7. How pretty and dainty! Such a beautiful rose and beautiful pillow. =)


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