Wednesday, March 16, 2011


a good afternoon to you!

only those of us all a little bit advanced in age
would remember studying the subject of 'botany'..
the study of plants.

of course people still study plants..
but the closest we get to the word 'botany' generally
is probably in visiting the 'botanical gardens'!

this is my 'botany' or botanical cushion..
the perfect creamy yellow with outlines of country kitchen green!

i've chosen this picture first
as it shows off that lovely intricately drawn design on the fabric...

do you see the little birds and spiderwebs?

i know the yellow is 'pretty'
but even the blokes need a little sunshine
& i think a fella that enjoyed gardening in his prime
would enjoy this botanical line!

a 'unisex' cushion sublime..haha!!

black buttons make the yellow a little less pretty...

the other cushions i've sent for the blokes are
the two big rainforest each 'cos they're large..hehe!
the two amy butler green ones i made quite a while ago now,
they're large too!

anyway this lot should get to their destination in a couple of days
..they were posted this morning.

now..talking about the post,
good ol' aussie post delivered three packages this morning!

one from caroline..3 very artistic cushions,
one from cate...a 'so cute' bird cushion
mindy sent some soft 'n cosy crocheted cushions..
all will be displayed in posts when i have taken their photos!

a big thank you to caroline, cate and mindy!!

wednesday comes but once a week...enjoy yours today.

naturally {& botanically} Carol xox

ps...i answered the phone a few minutes ago and got myself a little paid work..
delivering some papers every few weeks to a designated school..
.just a little pocket money...
it will cover my coffees at gloria jeans... cool!


  1. Hi Carol,
    I just love the yellow botanical cushions.
    Very sweet and correct, just great for a male
    gardener. Very clever. I enjoy all your creations. We have no Gloria Jeans close by
    but I was a regular customer at the Darwin
    store. Make mine a Very Vanilla Chiller!

  2. Love your "botany" pillow. You make the cutest cushions!! Great job!

  3. what a lovely post Carol and i love your botany pillow

  4. Hi Carol,
    greating from sunny indonesia,,
    I love your cushion,so calm and sweet
    you do a really good work.

    really nice to meet u

  5. Great cushion, love the springness of it, welcome on a day which is misty, grey and cold...just like yesterday was misty, grey and cold. Where has the sun gone?
    Found you via Julia Crossland... isn't she just so clever with her artwork?
    My blog is at if you fancy popping by any time. I shall come back to visit you again.

  6. Love the cushion carol with your little addent at the bottom!! so cute!! pretty sunshiny pattern is lovely too! Well done with your job!! Nothing better than a guilt free coffee!! (or tea in my case!!)
    hugs, Laura xx

  7. Hello Carol,

    thank you soooo match for your compliement.
    I like the colors to.

    greatings send you Conny

  8. love your pillow and the beautiful fabric! great job, Carol :)

  9. Nice yellow!

    ...and YAY! for a little coffee money. =)

  10. Hi Carol, thanks for visiting my blog which has in turn made me visit yours. What gorgeous work - and no, I would not have noticed the little birds as they look like leaves at first glance. Scrolling through your previous stuff, the one that stands out for me is that starfish and waves cushion a while back. I will keep watching!


i am delighted that you care enough to comment..i love to read each one of them..thank you!