Monday, March 14, 2011

A New York Moment...

you may be thinking that i have a fascination with new york..
you may be right.

i've made another couple of 'new york cushions'

in case you're wondering...
and thinking 'the term is a new york minute'..
well i was thinking 'it took more than a minute to make these'
but i did have a bit of a moment when i chose this fabric!

the back.

now for the other front...

someone was saying the other day..
that inky blues may be the next big decorating colour.

i do like the way they've been used in this fabric.

these pictures were taken in front of my china cabinet...

my new york moment cushions here
don't have a designated home yet!

they were just a labour of love..
 loving the fabric
 and having a few fun filled moments!

hoping your week is filled with them too...

naturally Carol xox


  1. More beautiful work. Your blog should be called 'A cushion a Day'. Everyone is so beautiful - you can truly tell they are made with love :O)

  2. New York is one of my very favourite places in the whole wide world. The cushions are gorgeous.

  3. These are fabulous!!! Every time you make something I like it the best and then you make smething else.. Keep surprising.
    Hey, hope to see you at Maccas in the morning.xx

  4. I love the fabric Carol - and your cushions just do keep getting better and better... I still absolutely love your use of the selvedge - brilliant!
    Cheers ☺

  5. I like those blues! Maybe I'll have to consider the blue families when I (eventually) get around to painting the living room... =)

  6. Your labour of love is wonderful and someone will be blessed by them. Have a great one and blessings!

  7. ohhh Carol i just love those cushions what a great job you did in making them,well done.

  8. Can you have too much New York?! No, no, no. Great cushions!

  9. Love your New York cushions...especially the back of the first one with the large black & white polka dots against the other b & w fabric! Awesome!

  10. I don't know where you come up with these fabrics, Carol! I love the piecing on the back in that very last picture.


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