Sunday, March 6, 2011

Walking Dogs in the Rain!

good morning!

i'm a little late for 'grateful saturday'...

so it's 'grateful sunday' around here!

my brother's been staying here

i'm grateful that he took two dogs on a long walk...

it was funny really...
he was standing in the dining room
rattling a  choker chain on the side board...
he didn't realise he was literally inviting them to take a walk
and they were nearly bursting with excitement,
whining and yapping and leaping around...haha!

he consented to walk them
so after a few minutes of trying in vain to keep them still
in order to put their leads on,
they were off out the door...

into the rain!

here they are again
arriving home after taking them downtown.
time to take their leashes off ...
a pair of wet and tired puppies,
ellie on the left
and max on the right,
wild eyed with his tongue hanging out!

not the best doggy portrait they've ever been seen in...
and that wet dog smell!

i'm grateful for a brother
who will take his sister's dogs for a long walk..
exhausting them thoroughly!

a late entry into 'maxabella's grateful saturday'...
enjoy your sunday!

naturally Carol xox


  1. Don't ya just hate that wet doggie smell hehehe

  2. Love those legs!

    And, never too late. Grateful 'any day' I say! x

  3. Aaw that's nice he took them for a walk even though it was raining!! Nice caravanning fabric.

  4. Yes you can't tease dogs by rattling the chain and then not taking them for a walk too cruel:)send some of that rain down here if you have some to spare, it is so dry,

  5. yeah, but they look like they had a great time!!

  6. What a nice guy! My dad used to say the dog was taking him for a pull. :)

  7. Hahaha, I do remember the feeling. I loved when people took my dog for a walk, felt like a holiday:) Miss my dog a lot, it really hurts, but I do not miss all the work:)

  8. I'm glad to say that Pip doesn't like getting wet too much if it's raining she'd rather not go for a walk!! Wet dog smell definitely isn't a favourite!

  9. Max looks so happy! Very sweet of your brother.

  10. Thank you for visiting my blog Carol and for your lovely comments :)
    I think dogs would love walks no matter what the weather is :)

  11. Love your blog!
    Will definitely be back :-)
    Gorgeous puppies!! I have three and they love to be taken for a walk, or take me for a walk rather!

  12. Hope you enjoyed your time with your brother. The dogs look thrilled!

  13. sweet! i'd be grateful for anyone who would walk my dogs! poor things haven't had a good walk with all this rain we've been having here, too!

  14. Hello Carol! How lovely cushions again and so sweet buttons! I'm happy you have found nice lady to send some of the pillows!
    Thank you sharing some dog stories!
    Have a love Woman's Day! Teje

  15. Don't mess with the chains. Thank goodnesss your brother did follow through on his "promise" to them. My dog goes berserk too if anybody touches her leash. Thanks for visiting my blog too. x


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