Thursday, October 7, 2010

Now, I'm OK...

this fine thursday,
well, now it's fine...
this morning was traumatic.
i even shed a little tear!

i don't know
whether i was making a mountain out of a molehill,
it was really a storm in a teacup
{i love the picture in my head that saying creates
so i just had to add it in to our conversation}
my new spectacles are so far
a spectacular failure.

they are meant to be multifocussed.
well, in my books
that just means
i can only focus on one thing at a time
everything else is blurry,
no clear peripheral vision!
just unending tunnel vision!

i have pestered the nice ladies
at the optometrists twice since yesterday.
i said (very politely) to this morning's lovely lady
that i would actually love to
throw this piece of very expensive junk,
{masquerading as a pair of glasses}
at someone.
{preferably the optometrist...
who did not warn me of this calamity!}

lo and behold!
music to my ears,
she says,
if they don't work out in a fortnight;
they can replace them
{perhaps with two pairs}.

that brought peace to my heart again,
{where there was despairing}
'cos there is light at the end of my tunnel vision
and my familiar little world will be sustained.

i am doing my best
and trying the new ones for a while.
thank goodness
for escape clauses!

here is cushion no 3.

i love these long legged beauties,
posing and leaping with grace!
jazzing up this little pillow,
bringing a smile to shazzie's face.

this is another disasterous project
that has a happy ending.
i cut the big bits out and then the edges weren't straight!
so i shaved a bit off here and there...
and then had to add some spots back in!
but now,
i have decided that the spots
make it pop!

that, dear readers...
is the end
"tale of three cushions"

tomorrow i have another story.

thanks for lending me
your shoulder to cry on today,

naturally Carol  xox

ps  just couldn't resist looking at life through rose coloured glasses to finish off! hehe


  1. My Aunty got multi focal and like you, hated them initially but they worked out for her, hope they do for you too.

  2. That is so funny, Carol, I am having total issues at the eye doctor too. I have been wearing bifocal contacts for years but now all of a sudden my prescription changes and I just cant get the new ones to work right...been back and forth myself...frustrating! So glad you stopped by to visit...I became your newest follower...that way I can keep up with your blog too! Have a wonderful weekend! Be back soon! I will put you on my blog scroll too! :)

  3. Wow you've been busy, what an inspiration. Love the blog and love your work! Love the VM girls xx


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