Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stu the Kangaroo...

hi guys...
come and meet
the tiniest kangaroo

yesterday afternoon
sharrie and i went to my friends house
and she is raising a baby kangaroo.

look at him trying to hold his own bottle,
just like a baby.

he has to be raised by hand,
'cos he became an orphan recently.
he would usually still be living in his mum's pouch.

here he is with max's mum, lucy the spaniel.
he has just started to eat a little grass,
he tried a little nibble of cucumber!

stu sleeps in a pillowcase,
just hanging off a chair...

he may be little stuart
but he is no 'stuart little'....hehehe
he will grow to be
about a metre and a half tall,
{perhaps about five feet}
and by then he'll be wandering the bush
with his friends.

my friend is amazing,
as well as raising this baby...
she has seven children,
she is training to be a nurse,
she goes to bible college
makes the most amazing
hand embroidered and embellished quilts!

i tried to persuade her to open a blog too,
so that everyone can see her work...we'll see.

have a heart-warming thursday...
naturally Carol xox


  1. Oh, oh, oh - wait till I show this to my 7 year old. I'll let you know what she says!!

  2. how adorable. my daughter said she wants one after seeing your photos. thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my word, he is the cutest thing ever!!! I could look at him all day! And I love his name.


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