Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Holy Bible...

this is a Bible
that my great great grandmother
gave to my great grandmother,
on July 12, 1883...

my granny gave the Bible to me,
about thirty years ago...

it was well used,
passages are underlined,
dated from when a sermon was given
that was meaningful to the listener...

and on a blank page
at the end of the book,
she has written this....

Let not soft slumbers close my eyes,
Before I've recollected, thrice!
The train of action, through the day,
Where have my feet sought out the way?
What have I learnd, where 'er I've been?
From all I've heard - from all I've seen,
What  know I more, that's worth the knowing -
What have I done, that's worth the doing,
What have I sought that I should shun?
What duty have I left undone?
Or into what new follies run?
These self-inquiries are the road-
That lead to virtue and to God.

i wonder where she got this verse from?
did she make it up or does it belong to a well known poet?
or from a friend?

have a blessed sunday...with miracles...why not?

naturally Carol xox


  1. That's beautiful, Carol. What a treasure. x

  2. That is SO beautiful. What a wonderful thing to have in your family, handed down from generation to generation.

  3. As the amateur family historian in my world I can really appreciate the value of this gift far beyond the printed pages.

  4. I liked your line about semons being meaningful to the listener...
    A beautiful family heirloom - and a divine verse (What have I done, that's worth the doing - I will remember to ask myself this line!)

  5. What a beautiful treasure to have in your family and I just love the verse:) Jen (visiting from weekend rewind)

  6. What a precious heirloom to keep safe x

  7. I just found this post...not sure how I missed it. But what a wonderful family treasure to have! And what a blessing to have such a strong heritage of Christ-followers leading the way in your family. Thanks for sharing!


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