Thursday, October 21, 2010

Going Walkabout?

aren't these art?
i think they're enchanting...
thongs, jandals, flip flops....ain't what they used to be!
good enough for going walkabout

mr w works up north,
'cos there's a shortage of suitable jobs down here.

he's come home today
and is staying for a  whole week!

usually he's only here for a weekend,
only one out of three in fact.

 my time with him is short.
hopefully we'll have
lotsa coffees
and big long chats,
and time with the kids
and hugs and stuff!

then it'll be me
and the boys
and the dogs...

and friends and miss b
who pop in from time to time...and you!
i thank God for the people in my life...

naturally Carol xox

ps....thinking of making miss b a flouncy ruffled skirt in three or more fabrics, i'll show you later. sister is very talented she just got her work in a mag in nz...more tomorrow!

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