Thursday, October 14, 2010


our dogs.

a couple of years ago
i was rattling around in this old house
with no other humans.

the kids had left home
and mr w. was working away.

the only other living soul
was sweet 'ellie'...

she is a spaniel rottweiler cross!
most people think she looks like a mini labrador.

she is very hard to photograph
'cos she is so black she just looks like a shadow
in most pictures...

she is loyal and quiet natured,
a content to curl up at your feet
kinda dog.
 but she does like a bit of a whinge now and then,
just to keep it real.

and my friend's dog lucy had puppies.
i wasn't going to get one.
one night i dreamed
about a white puppy.
one white puppy, a little girl, died.
the little white boy puppy was left.
this was 'max'...

he's a rogue and sideswipes anything or body in his way,
he's greedy too,
and affectionate and easy going,
a good natured type o' dog.

his nose got long and his legs stayed short,
he grew long curly hair and a multitude of spots.

he always attempts to grin with his teeth showing
and looks a bit creepy...hehehehe...
he's a spaniel and border collie cross.

and this is 'kara'..
we think she may be an american staffy,
but her label at the pet shop was "cattle dog"!

she settled in here with son no.3
so strictly speaking she's only on loan...

i wish i had a picture of her smile
'cos it lights up her face
and makes big wrinkles around her mouth.

i call her our grinning assassin!
she's a love you or hate you dog...
absolutely fawns over the peeps she loves
and growls and nips the heels of those she don't.

she's part of the family all the same.

grouches are welcome here too!
just as well
'cos sometimes that's me.

do you have
grouches, bullies and whingers
at your house sometimes too?
{and kids that come back like boomerangs?
but we really don't mind....}

naturally Carol  xox

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  1. No bullies thankfully, but grouches and whingers for sure - they're called the husband and kids!

    Kate x


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