Monday, October 11, 2010

Truly Vintage...

after an hour or two of pondering
and a tutorial or two to get my mind around the subject,
cuppa on hand
and materials at the ready...

i made a pillowcase...
in soft spring green with trim of embroderie anglaise.

it's a little loose,
my pillow will have to grow into it!
and i am thinking i shall need a couple of buttons,
press studs or pretty bows to keep the end closed.
i need to think a little more on that one...
next time i shall make a little envelope-y end so that won't be necessary.

friday was a very blustery, rainy day.
i was trying my hardest to find the last light of the day
to take pics of my pillowcase;
being ever so pleased with my little friday project.

then i noticed
that i was propping up my pillowcase
with this darling little sewing box
that i have owned for nearly all my life.
{and i thought you may like to have a closer peek}

it is truly vintage,
mid century granny goodness,
and it was either made by my
great aunt anna or my real granny!
{it was so long ago, early 1960's }

it is padded all over,
 has soft pink cotton fabric lining
and i love the pink cord.

i have treasured it mostly
{apart from my wild teenage years, when it was soooo uncool}
and it has always held bits and bobs;
embroidery threads, hat pins! and other pins and needles
and now is full of sewing cottons.

the other little drawstring bag is almost as old.
and was also a granny gift...
of 1960's vintage.

it is  fully lined with deep rose pink sateen fabric
 and has a firm round fabric covered base. 
this one holds my tapemeasures
elastic and hooks-and-eyes
{who uses those anymore?}

somethimes our treasure
is under our very noses!

the best treasure is knowing that
these two gentle ladies
worked for hours
handsewing these for a little girl! {me!!!}

naturally Carol xox

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