Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Completely Ruffle'licious....

everything's ...licious these days
so excuse me i'm joining in!

i'm totally taken in
by the abundance of ruffles on
this made to be twirled in skirt.

it's complete at last...
all sewn up...hehehe

sharrie's my model here,
'cos i won't see miss b 'til the weekend.
miss b is just a tad smaller
the skirt was just an itsy weenie bit squeezy on sharrie...
but i think she looks great in it.

miss chair modelled this again....
i did take heaps of pics
with sharrie striking georgeous poses
but either she or i would move at the wrong time.

now if i was brilliant
with my big black camera;
sharrie would be twirling and leaping
and i would catch her posing perfectly in mid air!

my pics wouldn't be blurry
like apologies...

the top half of sharrie is beautiful too,
but i am not quite ready
to expose my family to the world...
this world is new to me
and we're all just a little shy.

mr w is on his way north again
and i miss him already...
i probably won't see him again
for a month.
we do chat by phone each day...
but it's not the same,
 he sometimes feels so far away.
leading his own life,
knowing people i don't know,
doing things in a way
that we don't at home,
living a solitary life in a caravan,
kind of a single man's life, but kind of not.

i hope you
have opportunities
to live a connected life
{even though it may seem a little too close sometimes}
with your family...

naturally Carol  xox

ps...just had a bit of a giggle to myself,
when i went to type 'xox' i typed 'sos' instead...
is that a freudian slip? 
mmm....just  need a few hours to adjust again...
tweak my thinking!


  1. Oh yes, very very nice and I think it looks much better than the one on the pattern. Here's hoping you're reunited with Mr W very soon. xox

  2. Hey Mate, Your gorgious and the skirt on Sharrie is beautiful also, Well done!!!!Hugs

  3. Adorable! I like the fabric combo!
    You should come link this up to my Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  4. from a pattern or your own making??

  5. NEVERMIND!! I backed up and read about the pattern with the number....I'm thinking 48 is too old for these ruffles, but I love the skirt.

  6. don't worry, i am too old for it too..hehehe...i made it for my daughter and my daughter in law is modeling it here. it went home with miss b on the weekend, she loved it, thank goodness!


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