Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Making My Own Sunshine...

i am sharing my own version of sunshine
with you today.
these 'city weekend' charm squares
are backed by 'botany' seeds

and i think they remind me of midsummer fields,
glorious with sunshine,
the air thick with the song of cicadas
and blue, blue skies!

i've made my own sunshine
to beat the gray...

those stormy black clouds
can't get in my way!

 i'm dreaming of wide open windows,
lacy curtains riffling lazily,
and my window seat ...
full of these.

reading a book while doing
a little daydreaming
the air warm with just a little cool breeze

well this girl can dream.

there's been a little break in the rain this morning,
so all my teatowels are on the clothes line,
must dash and see if they're dry.

dream on .... i dare you

naturally Carol xox

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