Friday, October 15, 2010

Puppy Dog Tales...

this is a true story.

yesterday, we established that
can be a bit of a bully in our household
as ellie can testify...

ellie and max were both given a bone
for morning tea.
they both took their bones downstairs
and max settled with his under the outside table,
while ellie snuck hers around the corner.

max noticed where ellie was and being jealous
stole her bone from right under her nose!
ellie came right upstairs and told on him
as all sisters would.

i gave ellie another bone
and let her stay on the porch
at the top of the stairs to chew on it.

that bully!
he wanted to steal that bone too!
but i came between them both,
as a mother should,
i wagged my finger at him,
and said "max, no!"
in my deepest, growliest voice.

well, the funniest thing happened.
he went down the stairs again,
picked up ellie's first bone with his teeth
took it back to the place he stole it from!

it was as if to say,
"i am behaving now,
so can i have another one too!"

we had to forgive him
for his bully-boy tactics
and his greedy ways.

ellie didn't let him get away with it though.
she went down to get the first bone
and max wanted it again.
they ended up in a little dog-fight.

ellie won.
max was on his back in submission
and ellie's little paw
just rested gentlly on his chest.

then off they trotted
to their respective corners
with their own bones.

everybody thinks their own pets are cute,
thanks for indulging me.

i have some blue cherry fabric
that i think i will turn into another apron.
enjoy your weekend...see ya monday,

naturally Carol xox

ps...had an order in with retromummy for some fabric, last week, before her little elodie arrived.
'cos there was a small delay she enclosed a piece of owly fabric for me too.  how good is that?
unexpected kindness....that's tops!

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  1. Hi Carol, They are both so beautiful. All they have to do is look at you and they get their own way..LOL My little Monty is the same..
    Please pray for a fellow Blogger named Vicki from Melbourne..I have placed her on my side Bar. She is very ill and needs our prayers.
    God Bless. Crystal xxx


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