Friday, October 8, 2010

Fearless Friday...

your comments comfort me.
i will see {hehe!}
what happens if i persevere
wearing these new glasses.

i was so excited
last tuesday,
when i was at a local school,
that they were involved
with this...

samaritan's purse.

this organisation
helps kids that won't get anything for Christmas.

you get the box,
choose to give to a boy or a girl,
and then choose the age group of the child.
i chose a 5 - 9 year old girl.

then you fill the box with goodies,
something to wear,
something to do,
something to play with,
something for school...

i also put in a skipping rope and a yoyo
and other bits and pieces,
then i made an apron...

while i was sewing,
i was thinking of the little girl
who is going to wear it.

what country will it go to?
 i wonder,
what will she cook?
will she help her mum in it?
feeling warm inside knowing
that someone took some time
to make this especially for her.

will her eyes light up
when she sees all these little goodies?
will she lay them out over and over
just thinking that they are for her?

i think i would if i were that girl.

but even if she doesn't,
i have had the best fun...
picking out girlie things,
thinking and praying for her
and making the little apron.

isn't that the fun of christmas giving?

keep on lovin' this weekend...'til monday, God willing...

naturally Carol xox

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