Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One Hour of Sunshine...

there were storms all day...

blowing all the new jacaranda flowers off the trees.

the rain made this hippeastrum even more beautiful...

but it was a very dull day to take photos of my sewing.

this morning,
i got up at six,
and there was one hour of sunshine!

i grabbed my camera
having birdsnest hair and a nightie on...
{thank goodness i wasn't in the shots...hehehe}

this is a library bag
to top up the box i put together last friday.

you may remember bits of these fabrics from other projects.
these are the last pieces of some of them.
i couldn't resist the scottie dog button i found in the button tin,
he' off on his own adventure now!

tuesday is just the day for an adventure...
hoping yours is wonderful.

naturally Carol  xox

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  1. Hi Carol, thanks for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment, I'm very impressed that you've been busy stitching away for Christmas. I see you're doing the gift boxes for children, we're doing that too but do you know it didn't occur to me to make something to put in, so thanks for the inspiration!

    Kate x


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