Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Tale of 3 Cushions...

good morning!

last saturday,
i wanted to sew something
but was at a bit of a loose end.
i didn't know what to sew or what fabric to use.
i rummaged around my little box of fabric pieces.
{i don't have much, it was a short rummage}
i came across a few strips of pink
that miss b had sewn together and passed on to her mum {me!}
and said
"you can do anything you like with these".
i thought,
"i could slice these up with my cutter,
and put a few more bits in
and make a cushion"

i added a bit of this and that and
ended up with four sides.
then i thought,
"this front really doesn't go with that",
i'll put this with that and this one should have some of another,
i ended up with
3 cushions.

i am only showing you one today.
i'll show you one tomorrow,
and one on thursday...
'cos there's nothing like

decided that she liked all their girlie goodness,
so they are no longer up for adoption.

i call them my
'love' collection.

i love the way
that scraps
can end up being made into
something useful...
and cute.

i am amazed that
Jesus Christ
has taken my scrappy life
and is making it

naturally Carol xox

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