Saturday, October 9, 2010

Perfect Love...

just thought i'd explain myself.
my post was called
"fearless friday"...

i realised
that nobody would know

in my head
i had thought;
thankyou Lord for the people
who cared about
my vision problem.
that's love.

and thank you Lord,
for the opportunity
to send a little love to a little girl.

then i thought
of  the book of 1john, chapter 4, verse 18,
which says...

"there is no fear in love:
but perfect love casts out fear"

so it got me thinking that love is fearless,
hence, "fearless friday".

i was thrilled to read Carrie's post in Cottage Cozy,
{see my link on the right}
'cos she also gets a thrill out of helping out
and sharing a little love around;
paying it forward type of stuff.

naturally Carol  xox may be fearless, but it is not unwise. are some of what i see from my back porch on a fine day.

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